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What Are The Best And Worst Days To Travel This Holiday Season?

If you hate a crowded airport, then you’re going to really hate traveling for the holidays, but as Jen Markham (@jenmarkham) explains, the difference between a mob scene at the airport and an empty terminal could be a simple as the day you choose to fly.

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Check Out These Fall Deals!

Fall is the season that everyone wants to be outside. Between the great weather and changing colors, Windstream has deals that will allow you to get your work done and get out and enjoy the weather at the same time.

Wow! World's Fastest Train Takes You A Mile In 10 Seconds

The Japanese Maglev train crushed its own world record by traveling at 374 miles per hour for nearly 11 seconds.

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NFL Stretches Copyright Reach to GIFs on Twitter

The NFL is a multibillion-dollar enterprise, but it didn't get that way by being lenient about who can use its content.

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Jennifer Lawrence on Women's Pay Gap: "I'm Tired of Being Adorable"

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t holding back her feelings regarding the vast pay gap in Hollywood. The 25-year-old actress says, she’s tired of being adorable.

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Watch A Giant Panda Give Birth To Twin Cubs

A giant panda at Toronto Zoo has given birth to two cubs, the first ever to be born in Canada.

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Fine 15: #1 New England Patriots

The MMQB's Peter King names the No. 1 team on this week's Fine 15, the New England Patriots.

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Bush offers plan to repeal, replace federal health care law

In New Hampshire, Bush offers a 'conservative vision' of health care insurance for the future

Wild aurochs-like cattle reintroduced in Czech Republic

Recreated cattle breed closely related to extinct aurochs help save Czech biodiversity

Locally Crafted. Windstream in Your Neighborhood.

Windstream is proud of the communities we serve. That’s why we’re showcasing different faces and places from around the country with Locally Crafted.

Officials in Utah defend NSA's role fighting cyber-attacks

NSA official, Utah congressman defend federal agency's role to combat cyber-attacks

Memphis chief says not enough evidence for murder charge

Memphis police chief says there's not enough evidence for murder charge in officer's death

Memphis Chief: Not Enough Eivdence For Murder Charge In Cop Death

Memphis police chief says there's not enough evidence for murder charge in officer's death.

Woman Sues Nephew For Friendly Greeting

Woman sues nephew for $127K, says exuberant greeting at his 8th-birthday party led to fall.

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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Are Pregnant

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen announced via Instagram that Teigen is three months pregnant. She's been open about their difficulty conceiving.

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Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' Banned in Muslim Countries Over Christian Imagery

Justin Bieber’s upcoming album has been banned in several Muslim countries reportedly because the singer used Christian references on his album cover.

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Dodgers' Hopes Now Rest on Clayton Kershaw

Sports Illustrated's Ben Reiter and Jon Tayler discuss the New York Mets 13-7 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 3 of the NLDS and if Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke can pull L.A. out of this hole.

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SOS via SMS: Help for suicidal teens is a text message away

SOS via SMS: Suicide prevention groups expanding texting options for young people in despair