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Crews report some progress against huge California wildfire

Crews report progress against California fire that has burned across 100 square miles of land

Reviewers Say Lexus's Hoverboard Doesn't Ride Like a Dream

Lexus's hoverboard has been tested, and it looks like yet another device that doesn't quite deliver what everyone was hoping for.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Dresses Up as Homeless Man & Pranks Madrid

When he's not mastering the arts of soccer or being the best man of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a master of disguise. Ronaldo took to the streets of Spain dressed as a puffy, bearded, homeless man with incredible footwork. His performance was so convincing that when he asked a woman for her number, she turned down one of the world’s best soccer players. After nearly an hour in the disguise, Ronaldo eventually reveals himself to a young boy who is utterly delighted.

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Taylor Swift In Cheeky Photo Spread For Vanity Fair

Tay Tay's super sexy in a shoot for Vanity Fair and dishes about how she and Kanye West made peace.

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This American Football Life: Carolina

The MMQB's Peter Kings explains why a staple of The MMQB Tour is as much baseball as he can fit in to the grueling schedule.

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Boston mayor wants ban on chewing tobacco at ballparks

Boston mayor wants to ban chewing tobacco at ballparks across the city, including Fenway Park

Toxic algae blooming in warm water from California to Alaska

Toxic algae blooms in a warmer Pacific, endangering marine life and forcing seafood bans

August Means The End Of Summer And The Start Of School

Windstream has you covered with great deals to make the new school year the best yet!

Netflix to give workers with babies a year of paid leave

Generous baby gift: Netflix offers a year's paid leave to new parents on its payroll

Economists dump on Trump boast to bring jobs back from China

Retake millions of jobs from China? Unlikely: Trump's deal-making no match for economic forces

How the AP-NORC poll on race and police was conducted

How the AP-NORC poll on race and police was conducted

Relatives of Colorado theater shooting victims to testify

More relatives of Colorado theater shooting victims to testify about their loss

What's Wrong With Hillary Clinton's Solar Panel Plan?

Hillary Rodham Clinton says she'll install 500 million solar panels nationwide by the end of her term. But do the numbers make sense economically?

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Allure Teaches White Women How to Get an Afro, Receives Major Backlash

This Allure controversy is so bad, that Twitter just pulled it! After Allure Magazine published a tutorial teaching white women with straight hair how to get an afro, critics are calling the article 'Cultural MISappropriation'. And EVERYONE is sounding off. See what's happening here!

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Man arrested after trying to carjack unmarked police car

Man arrested by 2 undercover detectives after trying to carjack their unmarked car.

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ABC President says killing Dempsey's McDreamy 'was great'

ABC President says decision to kill Patrick Dempsey's 'Grey's Anatomy' character 'was great'

Assault Charges Against Former Utah Cornerback Dominique Hatfield

Utah cornerback Dominique Hatfield has been charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from a fight at a party last month, his second run-in with police in recent weeks.

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Drought could hurt endangered fish caught in water fight

California drought could doom endangered fish caught in the center of state's water battles

Locally Crafted. Windstream in Your Neighborhood.

Windstream is proud of the communities we serve. That’s why we’re showcasing different faces and places from around the country with Locally Crafted.

Disney tops 3Q profit forecasts

Walt Disney beats 3Q net income expectations, misses revenue forecasts

A look at Egypt's Suez Canal, past and present

A look at Egypt's Suez Canal, from first days to current expansion

AP-NORC Poll: Things to know on views of race and police

AP-NORC Poll: Things to know about race and Americans' views of policing