Yellowstone Sets A New Record

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Hillary Clinton Leading Polls In Key Swing States

A new poll shows Hillary Clinton remaining on top in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, a stark difference from her struggles in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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Check Out These Fall Deals!

Fall is the season that everyone wants to be outside. Between the great weather and changing colors, Windstream has deals that will allow you to get your work done and get out and enjoy the weather at the same time.

Shania Twain Cancels Farewell Concerts

The singer is forced to bow out of her upcoming tour dates.

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Locally Crafted. Windstream in Your Neighborhood.

Windstream is proud of the communities we serve. That’s why we’re showcasing different faces and places from around the country with Locally Crafted.

How Campaign Zero Can Change the Black Lives Matter Movement

Campaign Zero may be the most thorough and specific set of goals to answer the question "what concrete solutions does Black Lives Matter want to see?"

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Shaquille O'Neal & Wyclef Jean Sing "My Girl" Together

Shaq took his singing talents back to his alma mater, Barry University. He and singer Wyclef Jean jumped on the mic at the school's 75th anniversary party for a duet of "My Girl." Check it out.

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FBI Stopped Four Plots To Sell Nuclear Material To ISIS

Are suspected Russia-linked gangs involved?

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Thousands gather at Brooklyn charter schools rally

Thousands of charter school supporters gather at Brooklyn rally featuring Jennifer Hudson

NFL approves more international games, some outside England

NFL owners approve more international games, including games outside England

How Will Astros Fare Against Royals?'s Ted Keith and Jay Jaffe take a look at what's next for the Houston Astros versus the Kansas City Royals in their 2015 AL Divisional Series.

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Right-to-die backers say California helps fight elsewhere

Right-to-die advocates say California victory emboldens push for legislation in other states

The Latest: Nobel chemistry prize to be announced shortly

The Latest: Nobel Prize for chemistry to be announced shortly

Thousands Form Human Peace Sign To Honor John Lennon In NYC

Thousands form human peace sign for John Lennon's 75th birthday but miss Guinness record.

Pandora says it will buy Ticketfly for $450M

Pandora says it will move into ticket sales and marketing by buying Ticketfly for $450M

Cash-strapped group says it'll sell historic ship for scrap

Cash-strapped group says it'll sell historic ship in Philadelphia for scrap without donations

Right-To-Die Backers Say California Helps Fight Elsewhere

Right-to-die advocates say California victory emboldens push for legislation in other states.

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Google Lunar XPRIZE $20M Race to Moon Gets Its First Team

An Israeli startup has become the first competitor in Google's $20 million race to the moon. But getting a craft up there won't be enough to win.

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Lauren Conrad's Fall Fashion Guide

Fall fashion is always so chic...and this year, it's no different. So get excited because, from head to toe, we're bringing you Lauren Conrad's biggest style tips for this season. Start wrapping yourself up in LC's fashion advice here!

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Celebrities hit Paris shows as Balenciaga names new designer

Celebrities hit Paris Fashion Week shows as Balenciaga names Gvasalia as new designer

FanDuel bans employees from all daily fantasy play for money

FanDuel bans employees from daily fantasy play for cash; hires ex-US atty general for probe

What's Next for Yankees?'s Ted Keith and Jay Jaffe take a look at what's next for the New York Yankees after losing to the Houston Astros 3-0 in the AL Wild Card game.

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Transplanting ovarian tissue helps some women have babies

Transplanting ovarian tissue helps some women have babies, seems safe but still experimental

Israeli team advances in contest to send spacecraft to moon

Israeli team is first to advance in Google's global contest to send spacecraft to moon