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Are You Using These Common Medications The Wrong…

NBC News medical contributor Dr. John Torres joins TODAY to demonstrate the right ways to take eye drops, inhalers, creams and nasal spray.

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Holy Cow! Extremely Rare Calf Born in Indiana

An extremely rare calf was born at Conner Prairie in Indiana. Amanda Kabbabe (@kabbaber) explains what's so special about this cow.

Amazon Bets On 'Moonlight' Director For Its New…

Oscar-winning director Barry Jenkins will be behind the camera for an upcoming Amazon TV series based on a famous book.

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Locally Crafted. Windstream in Your Neighborhood.

Windstream is proud of the communities we serve. That’s why we’re showcasing different faces and places from around the country with Locally Crafted.

Ford Is About To Invest A Lot Of Money In Michigan

President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday morning that Ford would make a "big announcement."

Justing Bieber Faces JAIL TIME in Brazil

Just when we thought, “Hey, Justin Bieber hasn’t had any run-ins with the law lately, I’m so proud of him.” our proud cloud fizzles and we are hit with reality! Justin Bieber could be facing an time behind bars when he gets to Brazil for his Purpose World Tour. How could this be you might ask, well it all happened four years ago … We told you last week that a Brazilian Judge just reopened a case from 2013 that involved Bieber defacing a government protected hotel with spray painted graffiti. Pretty strategic on the judge’s part if you ask me, but it’s also a bit conniving, BUT he’s a man of the law and what he says GOES!! Quick back story, In 2013 Bieber was in Rio for a world tour. He got permission from the government to graffiti a certain wall in a specific city! Well you know what Justin did… just the opposite! He decided it’d be fun to graffiti a different wall in a completely different city… and now, he’s might have to pay the price for his rebellious ways! Bieber was charged with crime against the city order and cultural heritage, but in true fashion escaped the country before he could be made aware of his charges! Now, Rio’s prosecution services has issued a writ of summons in his name. The request is so that the accused is made aware of the charges. Bieber will get served papers once he gets off his flight and he will have to meet with a judge and police before the leaves the country again! Bibs is set to perform in Rio on March 29th, that’s one day from now, and he plans to leave on April 2nd. Now the punishment for a crime such as this one is up to a year in jail or payment of a fine. Clearly, I think I have a good feeling Biebs will throw stacks of cash down and be done with the damn thing for good and avoid any jail time. BUT This isn’t to say he won’t serve jail time, who knows what the judge and police will decide to do! As for now Biebs, mind your P’s and Q’s and kiss the feet of the Brazilian law! You need them on your side! I want to know what you think the chances are Bieber will actually face jail time? Let me know in the comments down below.

O'Reilly says he's distracted by congresswoman's wig

Fox's Bill O'Reilly said he was distracted by California Rep. Maxine Waters' "James Brown wig" after watching a clip of her talking in the House of Representatives

Longtime Cowboys TE Witten signs extension through 2021

Dallas tight end Jason Witten has signed a four-year contract extension that virtually guarantees the 14-year veteran will spend his entire career with the Cowboys

Report: LaVar Ball shopping reality show and…

The father of ex-UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball is shopping television projects in hopes of landing a reality show and a documentary.

Some state lawmakers seek to protect…

Democratic lawmakers in some states are pressing ahead with efforts to protect birth control access and Planned Parenthood funding, in case they are jeopardized again

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Trump signs order rolling back environmental…

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that will roll back many of former President Barack Obama's efforts to curb global warming

Uber diversity report says 36 percent of…

Uber's first report on employee diversity shows low numbers for women, especially in technology positions

US official: Trump to meet China's Xi first week in April

State Dept: China's president to meet with Trump in April

AP Exclusive: Iowa regulator keeps busy private law practice

A top Iowa regulator has maintained a busy and profitable private law practice even as she's been responsible for complex matters such as the Dakota Access pipeline and renewable energy policy

Oops! Reality Show Goes Off The Air, But Someone…

One year removed from modern day civilization, with the chance of starting over. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the scoop.

Issa Rae On Her Road From YouTube Fame To HBO Star

Issa Rae writes and stars in "Insecure," HBO's Golden Globe nominated comedy.

Check Out The Biggest Dinosaur Footprint Ever…

The print was discovered in northwest Australia by a team of paleontologists from The University of Queensland.


Liv and Maddie may no longer be shooting new seasons for Disney Channel, but that doesn’t mean it’s break out star, Dove Cameron, is out of work!! Or not for long at least! The Disney Channel star has her sights set on a new location in the US, and it’s all the way across the country. Yes, people it seems Dove could be headed for New York City in the very near future! She keeps teasing fans on social with pictures and comments about the big apple and how she just can’t seem to stay away from it all! She posted this boomerang video to her IG account on yesterday with the caption “can’t seem to stay away.” Now, what secret project is she working on there…?? Well, we aren’t quite sure that answer, but we do know from other posts on her Instagram that she was in NYC to film for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! Dove appeared on Monday night’s episode where she played virtual reality dictionary with Scarlett Jo Hansen, Michael Che and of course Jimmy Fallon! Despite being in NYC just for Jimmy, I think there is more than meets the eye here! During a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Dove opened up about her time with Disney and what life will be like after “Liv and Maddie” ends, and Dove was nothing but confident! She told Teen Vogue that she’s wanting to take on edgier rolls, possibly sci-fi movies and, here’s where NYC ties into it all, BROADWAY!!! And Dove would absolutely crush it on Broadway, I mean she’s already a triple threat. We saw that was obvious during December’s “Hairspray Live” where she played Amber Von Tussel! Dove also tweeted out that she wasn’t able to meet her amazing NYC fans: “To all my amazing fans who I would’ve loved to meet in nyc — sadly i was on there for a few hours and went from airport to airport! next time.” Um… she said next time, so she definitely just revealed she will be going back to New York… Yes, I know this seems crazy to analyze it this crazily, but I think all signs are pointing to Dove heading east, don’t you think? She will obviously have to finish up filming Disney’s Descendants 2 with her BF, but once that’s over with she really has no work ties to LA. I’m just pointing out obvious signs that New York could be one celebrity richer in the very near future! What do you make of Dove’s cryptic Instagram post about NYC? Is she definitely heading there for good? Do you want to see her perform on Broadway?? Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below!!

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Movie studios look to young, diverse audiences…

The future of Hollywood movies is in the hands of young and diverse audiences

Dantonio says MSU 'extremely concerned' about…

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio says the Spartans are "extremely concerned" about allegations of sexual assault made against three football players, and he says other questions about his team and spring practice are "trivial" in comparison

Lionel Messi banned four Argentina matches for…

Lionel Messi has been banned four games by FIFA after TV images showed him verbally abusing a match official in Argentina's 1-0 win over Chile in World Cup qualifying last week.