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Cheerleading Squad Accepts 1st Transgender Teen

An Illinois teenager has become Pekin Community High School's first transgender cheerleader after making the squad.

From Humble Beginnings To Ballet Stardom

CNN's Becky Anderson sits down with renowned ballet dancer Carlos Acosta to discuss the future of his beloved Cuba.

Top 10 Jonah Hill Performances

He can play the awkward young adult, the no-nonsense teenager, or the serious businessman. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Jonah Hill Performances.

NYC's Newest Most Expensive Apartment Lists for $120 Million

John Gutfreund, the former CEO of Salomon Brothers, died last month of pneumonia and the 12,000 square foot apartment has since been on the market. 

Goyle From 'Harry Potter' Goes From Cupcake Eater To Cage Fighter

Josh Herdman, best known for his role as Draco Malfoy's sidekick, made his debut as an MMA fighter this past weekend.

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Healthy Schmealthy: Thirty-two

Plane With Large Dent Makes Emergency Landing After Bird Strike

On Wednesday, one or more birds struck and left a very large dent on an American Airlines plane that had just departed from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

These Former Pros Think Jared Goff Is The Best QB In The NFL Draft

The LA Rams have the No. 1 pick in this year's NFL Draft and all signs point to Jared Goff being the first to shake the commissioner's hand on stage.

Prince Harry Reveals He Underwent Psychological Testing After Military Service

Prince Harry is opening up about his time being deployed in Afghanistan nearly 10 years ago. The royal revealed he had to undergo psychological testing after he returned from the war.

Locally Crafted. Windstream in Your Neighborhood.

Windstream is proud of the communities we serve. That’s why we’re showcasing different faces and places from around the country with Locally Crafted.

Reports: Prescription drugs found with Prince at death scene

Several news organizations are reporting that prescription drugs were found with Prince when he was found dead in his Paisley Park complex

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Clippers' Doc RIvers emotional before Game 5

Clippers coach Doc Rivers’s eyes welled with tears and he became choked up before his team played Portland in Game 5 of their first-round series.

CDC: Teen birth rates plunge, but racial disparities persist

CDC: Birth rates are falling dramatically for blacks and Hispanics teenagers, but they continue to be much higher than the birth rate for white teens.

Biologists investigating what killed sea lion found on farm

Washington state biologists are trying to determine what killed a sea lion that was captured and released after it was found in the driveway of a cattle farm about 50 miles from the ocean

Biologists Investigating What Killed Sea Lion Found On Farm

Washington state biologists are trying to determine what killed a sea lion that was captured and released after it was found in the driveway of a cattle farm about 50 miles from the ocean.

AP Source: Fiat Chrysler, Google in partnership talks

AP Source: Fiat Chrysler, Google in talks to form self-driving car partnership

Gilead 1Q profit tumbles on slower hepatitis C drug sales

Gilead Sciences' profit tumbled in the first quarter as fewer patients received its blockbuster hepatitis C drug Harvoni

4 University of Georgia students killed in car crash

Four female University of Georgia students have been killed and another student critically injured in a car crash

After Fanfare, Forecasters Review Talk Of Storm 'Outbreak'

U.S. forecasters will review whether they went too far out on a limb to warn people about bad weather that didn't fully develop.

Italian Chihuahuas Being Kidnapped for Ransom

The amount of Chihuahuas being kidnapped in Italy is insane. Officials are warning people to keep an eye on their pups. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Now Everyone's Wondering If Prescription Drugs Killed Prince

Prince was carrying prescription drugs when he died. The cause of death will be released after results from a toxicology test and autopsy come in.

Why Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' Replaced An Asian Man With A White Woman

A writer for the 'Doctor Strange' film explains why Marvel cast actress Tilda Swinton to play a character who's an elderly Asian male in the comics.