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City reviews 'no cotton' rule barring Muslim kids from pools

Delaware's biggest city is reviewing its rules after Muslim children were told to stay out of a municipal pool because of their clothing

This Water Tastes Like Wine But Contains No…

You know how magicians sometimes have a trick where they turn water into wine? Well, one company has decided to flip that concept on its head.

The Evolution Of Video Games

Video games have influenced our culture and history since 1972. They have evolved from arcade games to consoles to online gaming and smartphones.

Researchers Develop A Way To Test For Early…

Before now, brain deterioration could only be detected once a patient had died.

Kim Kardashian DEFENDS Kylie Jenner’s FORBES…

For more on Kylie: As you all know...Forbes projected last week that Kylie will be the youngest self made billionaire ever. She caught a lot of backlash for the term 'self made' and over the weekend. Now Kim is stepping in and defending her sister!

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Daveed Diggs, Rafael Casal offer ode to Oakland

Why Brazil Is Pegged As Early 2022 World Cup…

After a disappointing exit in the World Cup quarterfinals, Brazil has its eyes set on the 2022 World Cup. Should they be considered the early favorites to win the next tournament?

Court: Drug users can be jailed for relapsing on probation

Massachusetts' highest court has upheld the authority of judges to order people with addiction to stay drug free as a condition of probation

Finland feels the heat during Trump-Putin summit

Never mind the responsibility of hosting a historic summit, Finland is sweating under an unusual heatwave

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AP Analysis: Billionaires fuel powerful state…

Billionaires are influencing state education policy by giving money to state-level charter support organizations to sustain, defend and expand the charter schools movement across the country

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Prime time: A day of deals at Amazon, and at its…

Amazon is extending its annual "Prime Day" promotion to 36 hours this year and will try to lure more deal-seekers to the aisles of Whole Foods.

Heading for clouds: Aviation sector faces trade…

Aircraft makers at the Farnborough International Airshow say thousands of jobs are at risk in this most international of industries as U.S. President Donald Trump raises tariffs and other countries retaliate.

Fox is 9th casualty after jaguar's weekend escape at zoo

The death of a wounded fox brings to nine the number of animals that have died as the result of the weekend escape of a jaguar from its enclosure at the zoo in New Orleans

Michigan spends almost $25M on Flint water crisis attorneys

New accounting figures show Michigan has spent nearly $25 million on attorneys handling cases involving the Flint lead-tainted water crisis

Chocolate Milk Might Be The Best Post-Workout…

Exercise drinks are a big part of the health market, but are they better than the classic drink, chocolate milk? Keri Lumm reports on a study that says chocolate milk is the best.

Scarlett Johansson Withdraws From Playing Role Of…

Critics said the role should go to a transgender person.

UK Officials Reportedly Think GRU Agents Behind…

That's the same Russian military intelligence service that's been accused of meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

IG Questions EXPOSE People’s Identity!

You know that burning question you want to ask your crush, or the low slung insult you want to hurl at your biggest enemy? DON’T DO IT USING THE NEW INSTAGRAM QUESTION FEATURE. Watch to find out why!

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Iran arrests 46 in fresh crackdowns on Instagram models

Report: Authorities arrest 46 in crackdown on models in Iran

Should Manny Pacquiao Walk Away From Boxing…

After defeating Lucas Matthysse with a dramatic knockout, Manny Pacquiao claims that he's on the comeback trail. But with such a stacked welterweight division, should "Pacman" consider walking away from the sport?