University of California's Napolitano in hospital…

The University of California says President Janet Napolitano, a former U.S. Homeland Security secretary, is undergoing treatment for cancer and is hospitalized with complications

Who is Chelsea Manning?

President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, who was convicted of stealing and disseminating 750,000 pages of documents and videos to WikiLeaks.

What to expect from President-elect Trump's…

The CEO of the Presidential Inaugural Committee says it will be a 'unique event'

The Attendance, Cost And Other Big Numbers Behind…

An estimated 800,000 people will show up to watch Donald Trump take the oath of office.

Trump Says Lewis Is 'Wrong' About Never Skipping…

The president-elect said in a series of tweets Lewis is "wrong" or lied about how many presidential inaugurations he skipped since joining Congress.

Interior nominee Zinke to be quizzed on public…

Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke says he would never sell, give away or transfer public lands _ an important stance in the West, where access to hunting and fishing is considered sacrosanct

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Trump tries to calm tensions after Lewis squabble

Donald Trump spoke of unity during a meeting with a son of Martin Luther King Jr., seeking to ease the friction over the president-elect's squabble with a revered civil rights leader

Mom: Trump is opposite of what I teach my kids

Women from all over the country will convene in Washington for what may be the largest gathering of women around a group of issues since the 1970s. CNN's Brooke Baldwin speaks to three women attending the march.

Betsy DeVos faces Congressional critics on…

Strategy Room: David Mercer and Bradley Blakeman debate the nominee's qualifications for secretary of education

Marco Rubio, Elizabeth Warren Weigh In On The…

More lawmakers are wading into the dispute between President-elect Donald Trump and U.S. Rep. John Lewis.

Obama Administration Urges Donald Trump To 'Reach…

Dozens of Democratic lawmakers are boycotting Trump's inauguration after he criticized Georgia congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis.

The Latest: DeVos to push for school choice…

Republican donor Betsy DeVos says she will push for school choice and advocate for "great" public schools if confirmed as education secretary

Trump meets with Supreme Court candidate

President-elect Donald Trump has met with one of the judges on his shortlist for potential Supreme Court nominees

Ryan Zinke: Climate change not a hoax

Rep. Ryan Zinke, nominee for interior secretary, comments on the issue of climate change, saying that it's not a "hoax" and that man has had an influence on the environment.

Critic: DeVos spent 30 years defunding public…

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, explains her opposition to President-elect Trump's pick for education secretary

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How The White House Prepares For The Next…

Former White House staffer Anita McBride reveals what goes on behind the scenes on Inauguration Day.

Report: White House Press Corps May No Longer Be…

Three senior officials talked to Esquire about potentially moving the press corps elsewhere, though the report only names one official.

Obama staff packing up, heading out ahead of Trump's arrival

There's a mass exodus underway at the White House as President Barack Obama's staff pack up their offices, turn in their Blackberrys and mark the end of his time in office

Maine governor to Rep. John Lewis: You need a…

Maine Gov. Paul LePage says U.S. Rep. John Lewis needs a history lesson and should be grateful for all that presidents have done for black people

Weingarten: DeVos wants to drain public system

Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, makes her case against Donald Trump's education secretary pick Betsy DeVos.

Should the media be focusing on Trump's tweets?

Bias Bash: Ellen Ratner weighs in on the media's coverage of Donald Trump's tweets mentioning John Lewis

Texas, 13 other states sue to block Obama coal mining rule

Texas and 13 other states have asked a federal court to block the Obama administration's final rules designed to reduce coal mining's environmental impact on streams

Obama cuts short Chelsea Manning's prison sentence

President Barack Obama is commuting the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst who leaked Army documents

Trump on Common Core

Donald Trump talks about improving the American education system and ending common core.

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Rep. Waters floats Trump impeachment as Dems vow…

Strategy Room: David Mercer and Bradley Blakeman on how much politics is behind the Democrats' decision

Nebraska targets ban on religious garb worn by teachers

A law that bars Nebraska public school teachers from wearing habits, yarmulkes, burqas and other religious wear could soon get overturned under a bill pending in the state Legislature

In Price's Ga. district, what happens after…

Congressman Tom Price will help lead the Republican efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act if he is confirmed as Donald Trump's health secretary, but some of his constituents wonder what that will mean for them