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Dutch government wants to counter Trump with abortion funds

The Dutch government says it wants an international fund to finance access to birth control, abortion and education for women in developing countries

Hamas warns US against moving Israel embassy

Gaza's Hamas rulers are warning the U.S. not to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, saying such a step could unleash new violence

How President Trump could impact Russia's economy

Amy Kellogg reports from Moscow

Swedish FM: Brexit has been 'a bit chaotic'

Increased clarity in the UK "is good and will also help us," Margot Wallstrom tells Paula Newton. They also speak about President Trump, Israel, the UN.

Teens Can't Smell Their Own Body Odor, but the…

A new study shows teens can’t smell their own funk but the rest of us can. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

UK Downplayed The Severity Of This Conflict To…

That was after officials said they still had concerns.

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Syria's motley crew of fighters now at…

Regardless of whether the talks in the freezing Kazakh capital provide a path forward for peace in Syria, there was one definite and tangible outcome: The country's ragtag army of rebels has found a place at the negotiating table, literally

Helicopter ferrying injured skier crashes in central Italy

A helicopter ferrying an injured skier off the slopes crashed Tuesday in central Italy with at least six people aboard, another tragedy to hit a region slammed by recent earthquakes, heavy snowfall and an avalanche, officials said

Sweden zeroing in on decision in Assange rape…

Greg Palkot reports from London

Farmers' EU powdered milk protest

Dairy farmers demonstrated against EU agricultural policies by spraying buildings in Brussels with powdered milk.

Australia To Replace Passports In Favor Of…

Using a passport book may be a thing of the past! TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) details some of Australia's high tech plans.

Japan's Emperor Really Wants To Abdicate, And He…

Abdicating isn't allowed under Japanese law, but a government panel says there may be a way to let Emperor Akihito step down anyway.

Pope on fake news, 'alternative facts': Tell…

At a time of fake news and "alternative facts," Pope Francis is asking the media to not only tell the truth, but to report good news

Italy avalanche death toll climbs to 12 with 17…

The death toll from an avalanche in central Italy has climbed to 12, with 17 people still missing under a mountain resort buried by tons of snow and rubble

Voters weigh in on ‘alternative facts’ and media…

American people react to Kellyanne Conway’s acknowledgment that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave ‘alternative facts’ in regard to the inauguration, and whether the media covers President Donald Trump fairly

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Iran sees partnership potential with Trump

Iran's Deputy Oil Minister, Amir Hossein Zamaninia, says President Trump brings potential for engagement and partnership. CNN's Fred Pleitgen reports.

The Mystery of the Tiny Front Jean Pocket Solved

There is no fashion statement quite like a great pair of denim jeans.

US Says It's Not Working With Russia In Syria…

Despite Russian claims, the U.S. says it hasn't coordinated any anti-ISIS airstrikes with Russia in Syria.

UN: 750,000 still living under militant rule in…

The U.N. and several aid organizations say an estimated 750,000 civilians are still living under Islamic State rule in Mosul despite recent advances by Iraqi forces

Austrian man gets prison for selling pro-Hitler songs online

An Austrian court has convicted a man under the country's anti-Nazi law and sentenced him to prison for selling recorded songs with titles such as "Adolf Hitler Lives" and displaying Nazi tattoos

North Korea threatens to 'pour further misery' on…

Reaction from Gordon Chang, Asia analyst and author of 'Nuclear Showdown'

Iran concerned over Trump rhetoric

Iran's oil industry is booming but concerns arise over Trump's potential actions. CNN's Frederik Pleitgen travels to an oil field to investigate.

Here's What the Women's March Organizers Want to…

Saturday's Women's March was proof that a small group of people can create change as more than a million protestors showed up in cities all over the country. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story

Britain's Supreme Court set to rule on Brexit case

Britain's Supreme Court will rule on whether Britain's prime minister or its Parliament has the right to trigger the process of taking Britain out of the European Union

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Egypt's el-Sissi says he is alarmed by high divorce rates

Egypt's president says he is alarmed by his country's high divorce rates and is suggesting ground-breaking legislation to ban Muslim husbands from verbally declaring their spouses divorced

Crews rescue three puppies from hotel hit by…

23 people still missing after avalanche covers hotel in central Italy

Tensions rise over settlements in Jerusalem

More and more Jewish settlers are buying or suing their way into Palestinian homes. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.