The Latest: Prosecutor: Minnesota case will go to grand jury

The Latest: Prosecutor says Minneapolis police shooting case will go to grand jury

Utility plans to mask awful odor from uncontrolled gas leak

Utility plans to deploy mist to cover up sickening stench from big monthlong natural gas leak

Why Are Millennials Under The Microscope?

It seems that generational clashes are older than baby boomers.

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Reusable rocket: In a first, booster returns safely to Earth

Reusable rocket: In a first, booster returns to Earth gently enough to be reused, company says

19 people in 7 states ill in E. coli outbreak tied to Costco

E. coli outbreak linked to Costco chicken salad sickens 19 people in 7 states; 5 hospitalized

Thanksgiving getaway 2015: Cheap gas but fears of terrorism

To grandmother's house: Thanksgiving getaway begins with gas prices low, terrorism fears high

Adele Smashes Single-Week Album Sales ... In Just 3 Days

The singer has sold more albums in a week than any other artist, and her total is climbing. A certain boy band held the record for 15 years.

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The Latest: Obama, Hollande meet to discuss fight against IS

The Latest: Obama, French President Hollande begin Oval Office meeting on Islamic State threat

Hostage-taking in French town ends, hostages safe

Officials say hostage-taking in northern French town ends and hostages are safe

Latest: Clergy call for peace ahead of police video release

The Latest: Clergy call for peace ahead of release of video of Chicago officer shooting teen

Pennsylvania police chief apologizes for emailed racial slur

Pennsylvania city's new police chief apologizes for using racial slur in fundraising email

Ridiculous Tesla Model X Price Matches Ludicrous Features

The crossover's features are why the reported price of the base model is $80,000, but for some customers, the cost is still worth it.

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APNewsBreak: Feds revising wary stance on self-driving cars

APNewsBreak: Feds updating wary stance on self-driving cars; goal of encouraging public use

GOP sets Senate push against health law, Planned Parenthood

Senate GOP push against Obama health law, Planned Parenthood highlights conservative rift

Since '01, Clintons collected $35M from financial businesses

Since '01, Hillary and Bill Clinton collected $35M for making speeches to financial businesses

How Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Could Help Stop Malaria

Scientists have shown that genetically modified mosquitoes, bred to resist malaria, can pass on those traits to their offspring.

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Convicted spy Ronald Pelton freed from federal custody

Ronald Pelton, convicted of spying for Soviets, freed from US custody 30 years after arrest

As Kerry visits Israel again, no talk of peace deal

Kerry visits Israel, West Bank for 1st time since 2014, but no one speaks of a peace deal

Man charged with killing artist working on peace mural

20-year-old charged with killing artist working on anti-violence mural in Northern California

Philadelphia traffic stop ends in bloodshed, burning bus

Philadelphia traffic stop turns chaotic as state trooper is shot and school bus burns

Google Doodle Celebrates Lucy The Australopithecus

Google honors one of anthropology's biggest finds.

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Better batteries to beat global warming: A race against time

CLIMATE COUNTDOWN: Experts amped up about better battery tech helping to limit global warming

In responding to Paris attacks, only 4 of 302 died

In responding to Paris attacks, doctors say only 4 of 302 injured died; all but 1 under 40

US stocks slip in early trading, following Europe lower

US stocks open modestly lower, following declines in Europe; price of oil climbs

Chicago Officer Faces Murder Charge In Teen's Shooting Death

The first-degree murder charge comes before the release of a dashcam video that reportedly shows the officer shooting the teenager multiple times.

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Clinton: Saying 'illegal immigrants' was poor word choice

Clinton says use of term 'illegal immigrants' was a 'poor choice of words' she won't repeat

Kenya's president reshuffles Cabinet after graft allegations

Kenya's president reshuffles Cabinet as some ministers are investigated for graft

Judge allows bond for Louisiana marshal accused in shooting

Louisiana judge allows father to post bond for marshal accused in boy's murder