Death row in Texas gets its first new inmate of the year

After 10-month hiatus, death row in Texas gets its first new inmate of 2015

US maritime schools feel connection to cargo ship sinking

Loss of El Faro cargo ship felt at schools that prepare students for the Merchant Marine

Plenty of Suspended NFL Players Are Coming Back for Week 5

Several high profile NFL players received four game suspensions since the end of last season. Now that it's week five, they're all coming back.

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Beyond 'Like:' 6 ways you might soon emote on Facebook

Facebook hopes users in Spain and Ireland will 'love' their new emotion buttons

Studies say 1/3 of young men in China to die from smoking

Study warns 1 out of 3 young me to die from tobacco in China, where number of smokers climbing

Glencore cutting back zinc metal production

Glencore cutting back zinc metal production in move prompted by low zinc and lead prices

Disney Is Banking on Its Money-Makers for 4 More Years

Disney released a list of 19 films we can expect by 2020, including "The Incredibles 2" and "Cars 3."

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Memphis voters elect first white mayor since 1991

Councilman beats incumbent in Memphis mayoral election; will be 1st white mayor in decades

UN announces Libya unity government; 2 sides must OK names

UN announces national unity government for Libya, but now 2 sides, Libyans must OK the names

6 workers injured in explosion at dam in Washington state

6 utility employees injured in Washington state dam explosion on Columbia River

$338M fund in deadly oil train derailment close to approval

$338M fund over oil train derailment nears final approval after railroad drops opposition

Volkswagen Takes Apology Tour To Congress

Volkswagen's Michael Horn apologized in front of a U.S. congressional panel Thursday.

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High-tech firm's plans to make drones in NY spark questions

CEO of firm planning solar-powered drones in NY is mum on links to high-tech Web companies

Measure to repeal California vaccine law won't be on ballot

Referendum to repeal new California law requiring mandatory vaccinations fails to make ballot

What Angelina Jolie Taught Us About This Cancer-Related Gene

Angelina Jolie sparked a movement that increased genetic testing by more than 30 percent in some cancer centers.

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Cruz nets $12 million for presidential bid, Rubio $6 million

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz raises $12M over 3 months, twice Marco Rubio's haul

UN high post, ensnared in alleged bribe case, ripe for risk

UN high post, ensnared in alleged bribery scheme, is ripe for risk; no vetting, oversight

8 memorable presidents of the UN General Assembly

Here are 8 memorable UN General Assembly presidents _ from Belgium to Nicaragua and Libya

Russian Missiles Hit Iran After Missing Syrian Targets

Unnamed U.S. officials say four Russian missiles aimed at Syria crashed in Iran. Russia has been backing Syria in its military offensive.

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Netflix raising US price for most popular video plan by $1

Netflix boosting US price of top video plan by $1 to cover rising programming costs

Snyder supports switching Flint water system back to Detroit

Snyder supports switching Flint back to Detroit water supply amid health concerns over lead

California agency votes to ban SeaWorld orca breeding

California agency approves major expansion of SeaWorld orca tanks but bans captive breeding

Police Violence Went Largely Untracked Until Last Year

Police use-of-force data is more available than ever — which isn't saying much.

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City to pay $6.5M settlement to family of man shot by cop

City reaches $6.5M settlement with family of unarmed black man killed by white officer