5-year-old boy left alone on daycare bus for 5 hours

Authorities say 5-year-old boy left alone on daycare bus for 5 hours in Florida

Legal woes to follow Oklahoma sheriff after resignation

Indictments likely the beginning of legal woes at end of Oklahoma sheriff's long career

Border Patrol Agent Arrested for False Alerts on US Citizen

The agent is accused of filing false alerts against a man who had accused his brother-in-law of sexual assault.

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Jazz producer Larry Rosen, co-founder of GRP label, dies

Prominent jazz record producer Larry Rosen, co-founder of GRP label, dies at 75

US boosts privacy protection on health insurance website

Responding to criticism, Obama administration boosts privacy protection on HealthCare.gov

Tegna, Dish spar over contract fees

Subscribers left in the dark as Dish, Tegna hit contract snag

Explosions Kill Dozens at Peace Rally in Turkey

At least 30 people were killed and over 120 were injured when two explosions hit the Turkish capital Ankara Saturday.

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Black men call for change at Million Man March anniversary

Black men on National Mall to mark Million Man March 20th anniversary, call for change

Suicide bombings at Chad market, refugee camp kill 38

Suicide bombings at market, refugee camp in Chad village kill 38 people ; Boko Haram suspected

First lady christens Navy submarine named after Illinois

First lady Michelle Obama christens Navy submarine named after her home state of Illinois

MLK's sister-in-law punched in face in attempted carjacking

Martin Luther King Jr.'s sister-in-law punched in the face during attempted carjacking

GOP Pushes a Reluctant Paul Ryan Toward Speakership

House Republicans are throwing their support behind Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House but Ryan doesn't seem so sure.

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New California law extends privacy rights to electronic data

California law boosts data protections, but activists say action still needed at federal level

Gene editing: Research spurs debate over promise vs. ethics

HEALTHBEAT: Gene-editing research booming amid debate over how far to go in fighting disease

Former UK Treasury chief Geoffrey Howe dies at 88

Longtime UK Conservative Party figure and former Treasury chief Geoffrey Howe dies at 88

Amid Growing Violence, Gaza Border Clashes Leave 6 Dead

A series of deadly "lone wolf" attacks has fueled increased Israel-Palestine tensions. Clashes at the Gaza border Friday left 6 Palestinians dead.

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House Republicans ask: Can anyone lead us?

Republicans wonder whether anyone can lead the House GOP in an era of divisions

Fierce battles in central Syria amid Russian airstrikes

Heavy fighting in central Syria between army, rebels as Russia launches airstrikes

Police identify 18-year-old killed in Texas campus shooting

Police identify 18-year-old student killed in Houston university shooting; patrols to increase

Elderly woman fears home loss in Atlanta flood-control plan

Elderly Atlanta woman, neighborhood champion, afraid of losing home in city flood-control plan

Some Young Americans Aren't Fans of the US' Foreign Policy

An ISIS flag-burning at the University of Missouri highlights the resistance many young Americans have toward U.S. intervention in the Middle East.

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Beyond 'Like:' 6 ways you might soon emote on Facebook

Facebook hopes users in Spain and Ireland will 'love' their new emotion buttons

British nurse who contracted Ebola hospitalized again

British nurse who contracted Ebola hospitalized for late complication of infection

Thousands demonstrate in Germany against EU-US trade deal

Thousands demonstrate in Berlin against EU-US TTIP trade deal, fear giving away local power

Ebola Outbreak Winds Down, Effects Still Felt by Survivors

WHO has celebrated a major milestone in fighting the Ebola outbreak, but survivors could feel the aftereffects for the rest of their lives.

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Secret Service agent who saved Reagan after shooting dies

Jerry Parr, Secret Service agent who saved Reagan's life after he was shot, dies

The Latest: US condemns deadly bombing, stands by Turkey

The Latest: US condemns bombing of peace rally in Ankara, stands with Turkey in terror fight

Residents of contaminated town wary of government efforts

Atop contaminated soil, small town in coastal North Carolina wrestles with restoration efforts