Trump's lead lawyer in Russia probe resigns

Why now? "It's becoming clear this investigation is not going away," says Maggie Haberman of the NYT. "The President had lost his patience with John Dowd.... He is looking for a more aggressive approach."

The Latest: New round of heavy rain enters…

The powerful storm hitting California has caused widespread street flooding in some Central Valley cities

Man convicted of fatal bombing 29 years ago to be…

As Texas investigates the motive of a now-dead serial bomber, the son of a judge killed by a package bomb nearly 30 years ago is revisiting the trauma his family experienced

Florida bridge collapse victim's family latest to…

Another lawsuit has been filed in the collapse of the pedestrian bridge at Florida International University, this one from the family of one of the six people who were killed

Can Zuckerberg's media blitz take the pressure…

Can Zuckerberg's media blitz take the pressure off Facebook?

Police: Baby in viral video was smoking marijuana

Authorities say a 1-year-old child shown smoking on a viral social media video was inhaling marijuana smoke

Tobias Ellwood MP recalls efforts to save PC…

Tobias Ellwood MP recalls efforts to save PC Keith Palmer

Sacramento Police Shot Unarmed Black Man in His…

Two police officers in Sacramento yelled for a black suspect to show his hands then shouted “gun, gun, gun”... moments before shooting him to death.

What Could Have Been The World's Largest Flood…

If you thought the biblical flood of Noah was intense, new evidence suggests that one flood actually refilled the Mediterranean sea.

Trump to punish China on trade as US companies…

President Donald Trump is targeting China for stealing American technology or pressuring U.S. companies to hand it over as farmers, electronics retailers and other U.S. businesses brace for a backlash

Prisoner mistakenly released early sues over…

A man who was released from a Washington prison early due to a software glitch is suing the Department of Corrections, saying his re-arrest three years later to serve the remaining time was illegal and upended the life he had painstakingly rebuilt

Facebook shares drop further

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's public apology over the data privacy issue couldn't stem the slide in Facebook shares Thursday morning. Fred Katayama reports.

The Latest: Budget bill excludes money for Yucca…

The budget bill passed by the House does not include money for work to develop and build a nuclear waste dump outside Las Vegas

Bill would exempt private devices from open records law

Government officials in Kentucky could discuss public business on their personal devices without having to disclose under a surprise amendment moving quickly through the state legislature

Up For Debate: What's America's Economic Outlook?

Newsy partners with Intelligence Squared U.S. to restore critical thinking. In this debate, experts consider America's economic outlook.

How a tiny creature's poo offsets carbon emissions

Krill are at the center of efforts to preserve the world's largest carbon sink; a shrimp-like creature whose species holds the Antarctic food web together and whose balance is essential to our very existence. CNN's Arwa Damon and Brice Laine report from Antarctica

Budget bill likely would end Supreme Court email search case

The budget bill before Congress includes an update to federal law that makes clear that authorities with a warrant can obtain emails and other data held by U.S. technology companies but stored on servers overseas

Capturing the life of the UAE's founding father

Ramesh Shukla has captured the country's incredible transformation from desert to a world metropolis.

A glimmer of hope for health of moose in northern…

Maine hunters might be allowed to harvest more moose this year because of strong survival rates; Vermont and Minnesota hunters see opposite trend

Mississippi man agrees to move Ten Commandments…

Thou shalt comply with city ordinances: A Mississippi man has agreed to relocate billboards showing the Ten Commandments and a flaming American flag