Lucrative baby eel fishery shut down over illegal sales

Maine authorities say they are shutting down the state's highly lucrative baby eel fishery early this year due to concerns about illegal sales

20 hurt when semi slams into school bus in…

Authorities say 30 people were hurt when a semi crashed into a school bus in south central Wisconsin

The Latest: Graduation ceremony to be held after…

A Texas school district says it will be holding a graduation ceremony as planned for the high school where 10 people were killed during a deadly shooting last week

Egypt detains activist blogger amid new wave of…

Egyptian security officials say a prominent activist and blogger known for documenting police abuse has been detained, the latest in a new wave of arrests since elections earlier this year

Family of man shot while naked views police body cam video

The family of a Virginia man who was fatally shot by police after he ran naked onto an interstate highway has viewed body-camera footage of the incident

What is Nipah virus?

Do young Kenyans do enough to find jobs?

A presidential aide in Kenya criticises young people "who sit at home and expect jobs".

President Trump Defends Comments on MS-13

President Trump defended calling members of the gang MS-13 "animals" during an event on Long Island.

Just Standing Near a BBQ Grill May Increase…

A newly published study says skin absorbs cancer causing compounds that are released by barbecue grills.

High hopes but tough road for black woman in…

Georgia attorney and romance novelist Stacey Abrams has a tough road ahead as she campaigns to become America's first black female governor

Records disclose man's alibi on night grandfather killed

A man accused by his family of killing his millionaire grandfather in Connecticut in 2013 says in court documents he went home after they met for dinner and went on an ice cream run

Macron tells tech CEOs to give more to society

President Emmanuel Macron told executives from the world’s biggest technology firms on Wednesday that he wanted innovation to be a driving force for the French economy, but also that they needed to contribute more to society. Rosanna Philpott reports.

Uber ends self-driving program in Arizona after fatal crash

Uber's self-driving cars won't return to streets of Arizona following crash that killed woman crossing a darkened street

Hairstylist says client named Paddock spoke months before Las Vegas attack of concert venue being susceptible to gunfire

Hairstylist says client named Paddock spoke months before Las Vegas attack of concert venue being susceptible to gunfire

US-China Trade Tensions Are Getting Even More…

President Trump has suggested he might scrap a tentative deal to avoid a trade war.

US tech firm: Possible cyberattack on Ukraine being prepared

Cisco says that a hundreds of thousands of routers have been compromised in preparation for what could be a major cyberattack against Ukraine

Chicago City Council backs Obama Presidential…

The Chicago City Council has given its backing to construction of the Obama Presidential Center in a park on the city's South Side

The Latest: Arriving officers take cover from…

Las Vegas police took cover behind their cars as gunfire wounded at least two officers during the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history

Teachers show strength in Kentucky primary…

A Kentucky teacher has taken a leading politician to school, defeating him in the GOP primary for a state House seat

French government orders evacuation of Paris…

France's interior minister has ordered the evacuation of some 2,300 migrants camped in Paris amid a standoff with City Hall over how to handle the long-running problem

New wind projects would deliver enough power for 400K homes

Massachusetts and Rhode Island have announced offshore wind projects aimed at delivering a combined 1,200 megawatts of energy