The Gulch Nashville

An urban development-Changing the built environment of Nashville's urban core.

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A look at wildfires burning across the US West

Authorities planned autopsies on two charred bodies found 45 miles east of San Diego after a wildfire swept through the region

The Latest: Judge says Indiana abortion law went too far

A federal judge says she decided to block an Indiana law prohibiting abortions sought because of a fetus' genetic abnormalities because the state doesn't have the authority to limit a woman's reasons for ending a pregnancy

Iconic Nashville soda shop hosts new USPS stamps launch

An old-fashioned Nashville soda shop that has become popular again hosts the U.S. Postal Service's launch of "soda fountain favorite" stamps

San Francisco Giants Bench The DH, Will Let Pitcher Hit In An AL Park

Giants ace Madison Bumgarner will pitch and hit in an American League ballpark Thursday. Pitchers haven't hit in an AL park in about 40 years.

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There's a Reason Your Spaghetti Spoon Has a Hole

Here's a fun thing you probably didn't know but there's a specific and useful reason why your spaghetti spoon has a hole in it. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has that reason.

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Meet A Few Of Iraq's Orphans Who Lost Their Parents To ISIS

The aftermath of ISIS' stronghold on Sinjar and the city's later liberation left dozens of children without parents.

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Key report: Israel, Palestinians must tackle peace barriers

UN Mideast envoy says a report by international mediators will call on Israel and the Palestinians to urgently reverse key obstacles to peace _ Israeli settlement expansion, lack of Palestinian control over Gaza, and continuing violence and terrorism

Police captain's son indicted on terror charges in bomb plot

A Boston police captain's son accused of plotting an attack on a college campus in support of the Islamic State group has been indicted on terror charges

Dinosaur Killing Asteroid Almost Got Us Too

A new study is saying that not only did the Dinosaurs die from the asteroid that struck Earth 66 million years ago but 93% of mammals passed as well. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the story.

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Hillary Clinton raising big dollars at tiny fundraisers

Clinton pocketing huge campaign money from tiny fundraisers, sometimes with as few as 10 people

Why You Can't Compare This Nightclub Shooting To Orlando's

A recent shooting near a South Carolina nightclub offers another perspective to the gun debate in America.

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Logs show Pulse victims begged for help as bodies went numb

Newly released emergency call logs show that victims of the Pulse shooting in Orlando pleaded with sheriff's deputies and dispatchers to save them as they described losing their breath and feeling their bodies go numb from their wounds

Suicide rates highest in farmers, lumberjacks, fishermen

Study of suicide by occupations shows highest rates for farmers, lumberjacks and fishermen

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Judge: Indiana must list both moms for children of lesbians

A federal judge has ordered the state of Indiana to list both spouses in lesbian marriages as parents on their children's birth certificates and end what she calls its "discriminatory" practice of listing only the birth mother

Film Academy Wants Women And People Of Color After #OscarsSoWhite

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sent 683 invites to the class of 2016 — consisting of 46 percent women and 41 percent people of color.

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U.S. officials: Russian ship came dangerously close

U.S. officials say a Russian frigate recently came within an unsafe distance to the USS Gravely destroyer in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Google serves a 'Nougat' to fans of its Android software

Google is serving a new morsel for fans of its Android software

Alastair Campbell on the UK's 'never before seen' crisis

Christiane Amanpour speaks with Alastair Campbell, Former Communications Director for Tony Blair, and Chris Philp, British Conservative Parliament Member.

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Judge faces deadline for decision on Indiana abortion law

A federal judge is facing a deadline for deciding whether to block a new Indiana law banning abortions sought because of fetal genetic abnormalities

Trucker accused of keeping sex slaves in semi pleads guilty

A Utah trucker accused of keeping women as sex slaves in his semi-trailer as he drove across the country struck a plea deal with federal prosecutors Thursday, days before his trial was set to begin

Rad return: Crystal Pepsi coming back to shelves for summer

PepsiCo is bringing back the 1990s this summer with an eight-week release of Crystal Pepsi, one of the iconic beverages of that decade

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British Politics Are In Omnishambles After Brexit

The political upheaval may be entertaining from across the pond, but it's also a red flag of the fallout from the vote to leave the European Union.

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New Evidence Supports Pluto's Subsurface Ocean Theory

New evidence coming our way as a result of NASA's New Horizons mission is saying that Pluto has a subsurface ocean. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the rest.

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Indian Workers Get Huge Raise — But Can The Government Afford It?

It's a balance of risk, reward and economic growth.

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