Oregon gunman killed himself after police shot him

Prosecutor: Oregon college gunman killed himself inside classroom after 2 officers wounded him

South Carolina still on edge from floods; 2 die in truck

As dams bulge and rivers rise, South Carolina still on edge; 2 people die driving into water

America, We Might Have a Pumpkin Problem

Some pumpkin growers are worried if spring and summer rains will hurt the pumpkin supply. The fall favorite may be harder to find in stores this year.

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Google is latest tech giant to claim space in mobile news

Snapchat, Facebook, Apple, Google: Tech companies seek to deliver, speed up news on your phone

UN: No new Ebola cases reported last week

UN says no cases of Ebola reported last week for the 1st time since outbreak started last year

DraftKings, FanDuel Could Soon See More Extensive Regulation

Both fantasy sports websites are caught up in an insider trading scandal, and now, New York's attorney general is getting involved.

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Gallup leaving 2016 primary horse race

Gallup leaving horse race, won't poll 2016 presidential primaries

Iran lobbied for Russian campaign in Syria , officials say

In Moscow, Iranian general lobbied for Russia to strike in Syria, officials say

The Latest on storm: Divers find bodies of 2 missing people

The Latest on storm: Divers find bodies of 2 missing in South Carolina; death toll at 19

Judge rejects renaming college, cites founding donor's will

Judge rejects renaming of New York college for philanthropist, citing founding donor's will

History's Biggest Trade Deal in Numbers

The Trans-Pacific Partnership involves five years of negotiations among 12 nations that represent 40 percent of the global GDP.

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Led by Seinfeld show, Sony's Crackle carving online niche

Celebrity comics, product placements and ads help Sony's Crackle find path to online profits

Right-to-die backers say California helps fight elsewhere

Right-to-die advocates say California victory emboldens push for legislation in other states

Why do extremists drive Toyotas?, US asks

Unraveling the behavior of extremists, US wants to know why Toyotas are the choice in Syria

Another Tech Company Joins FBI Clinton Email Probe

Datto Inc. is the second tech company to cooperate with the FBI in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

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Obama apologizes to aid group for US attack on Afghan clinic

Obama apologizes to Doctors Without Borders, offers condolences over US attack in Afghanistan

London Film Festival puts focus on women, onscreen and off

London Film Festival opens with 'Suffragette' and asks 'Where are the women in the movie biz?'

Bankruptcy judge approves chemical spill company's plan

Bankruptcy judge approves chemical spill company's plan; includes $1.4M for cleanup

Settlement over Florida principal who hypnotized students

Sarasota, Florida, School Board OKs settlement over principal who hypnotized students

How Campaign Zero Can Change the Black Lives Matter Movement

Campaign Zero may be the most thorough and specific set of goals to answer the question "what concrete solutions does Black Lives Matter want to see?"

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Pandora says it will buy Ticketfly for $450M

Pandora says it will move into ticket sales and marketing by buying Ticketfly for $450M

New Jersey agency: Nurse giving flu shots reused syringes

New Jersey health officials say nurse reused syringes while giving flu shots; testing urged

Google Lunar XPRIZE $20M Race to Moon Gets Its First Team

An Israeli startup has become the first competitor in Google's $20 million race to the moon. But getting a craft up there won't be enough to win.

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GOP chairman on McCarthy's comments: 'Kevin screwed up'

Chairman of Benghazi panel says House majority leader 'screwed up' with comments on Clinton

Anxious Israelis told to be on alert amid wave of attacks

As Palestinian attacks, clashes continue, Israel leader warns anxious civilians to be on alert

The Latest: Oregon gunman killed self after police shot him

The Latest: Oregon college gunman killed himself inside classroom after 2 officers wounded him