Ex-Chicago Public Schools leader charged with corruption

Ex-Chicago Public Schools CEO indicted in alleged kickback scheme to steer $20M contract

A look at Chicago's Tribune Tower as it goes up for sale

Things to know about Chicago's Tribune Tower as it goes up for sale

Russian Missiles Hit Iran After Missing Syrian Targets

Unnamed U.S. officials say four Russian missiles aimed at Syria crashed in Iran. Russia has been backing Syria in its military offensive.

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Netflix raising US price for most popular video plan by $1

Netflix boosting US price of top video plan by $1 to cover rising programming costs

Snyder supports switching Flint water system back to Detroit

Snyder supports switching Flint back to Detroit water supply amid health concerns over lead

Police Violence Went Largely Untracked Until Last Year

Police use-of-force data is more available than ever — which isn't saying much.

Pro-Biden super PAC pulls TV ad about VP's family tragedy

Pro-Biden super PAC pulls TV ad after VP's confidants say it hits too close to home

UN announces government of national unity for divided Libya

United Nations envoy announces national unity government for Libya, after months of talks

Chicago officials say cab strike over Uber had little impact

Chicago officials say called cab strike over Uber access to city's airports had little impact

Authorities release 911 calls in Phoenix freeway shootings

Injured 13-year-old girl among 911 callers in random Phoenix freeway shootings

Why The UN Doesn't Have Enough Money For Syria's Refugees

The U.S. funds about a fifth of the U.N.'s set budget and is funding almost a fifth of the Syrian crises response, but it still isn't enough.

High-tech firm's plans to make drones in NY spark questions

CEO of firm planning solar-powered drones in NY is mum on links to high-tech Web companies

By the numbers: Flint's water emergency

By the numbers: Flint's water emergency

Congress Is Waging Another Sneaky Fight Over Net Neutrality

Democrats pledge to block a Republican-proposed budget that would defund the FCC and cancel its newly enacted regulations on a neutral Internet.

EU agrees to speed migrant deportation, buttress borders

EU agrees measures to efficiently deport migrants not eligible for asylum, buttress borders

Lawsuit in Iowa challenges so-called 'roadside zoos'

Lawsuit against private Iowa zoo with exotic animals could challenge so-called 'roadside zoos'

Alaska to feel remnants of tropical storm

Rare remnants of central Pacific tropical storm to affect Alaska

911 Recording Vindicates Ohio Teacher

An Ohio teacher struck her husband with her car and was suspended from work, but a recording of her daughter's 911 call changed the school's decision.

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Beyond 'Like:' 5 ways you might soon emote on Facebook

Facebook hopes users in Spain and Ireland will 'love' their new emotion buttons

Court: Hot yoga's sequence of poses can't be copyrighted

US court: Hot yoga's sequence of poses, breathing exercises can't be copyrighted by founder

Handmade at Amazon Might Unravel Etsy

Handmade at Amazon launched Thursday, and the new marketplace could replace Etsy, which has already had a rough year.

AP source: Rubio raises $6M over last 3 months

AP source: Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio raises $6M over last 3 months

Merkel, Zerai, Pope Francis all in Nobel Peace Prize buzz

Merkel, Zerai, Pope Francis in buzz for Nobel Peace Prize; judges have dropped no hints

Federal authorities raid rash of illegal Colorado pot grows

Authorities say Colorado's legalization leads to rash of illegal pot grows on federal land