Suspect in Florida doctor's death violates federal probation

Suspect in Florida doctor's death gets 6 months for violating federal probation in gun case

1st Freddie Gray hearing since 6 officers charged in death

1st court hearing in Freddie Gray case slated to begin on range of topics

America's Strongest Labor Unions Still Hold Political Power

Labor union membership has declined for decades, but some of America's strongest unions could play a big role in the 2016 election cycle.

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Federal Sony data breach lawsuit settled, lawyer says

Lawyer says settlement reached in lawsuit by ex-Sony employees over Sony data breach

Watchdog: 900,000 vets have pending health care applications

Watchdog: 900,000 veterans have pending health care requests; about one-third are deceased

Report: Some top baby monitors lack basic security features

Several top baby monitors lack basic security, vulnerable to hackers, report says

Keeping Cyclists Safe Is Harder Than Ever

Researchers say the reason for the increase in cyclist injuries in the past 15 years isn't rocket science. There are simply more cyclists on the road.

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Residents of eroding village welcome Obama's attention

Residents of eroding Alaska village welcome president's attention to their plight

Obama visit puts spotlight on rough plight in rural Alaska

In Arctic, Obama to glimpse life in rural Alaska where many toil in third-world conditions

Oldest survivor of San Francisco earthquake of 1906 dies

Oldest survivor of the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 dies at 113

Illinois city, creator of Twitter parody account settle suit

Illinois city agrees to pay creator of fake-mayor Twitter account to settle lawsuit over raid

Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Charges in Freddie Gray Case

A Baltimore judge struck down motions to dismiss the charges against the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

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House Judiciary panel sets first Planned Parenthood hearing

First up: House Judiciary panel schedules Congress' first hearing on Planned Parenthood videos

Sony says 'Concussion' wasn't softened to placate NFL

Sony says Will Smith head trauma film 'Concussion' wasn't softened to placate NFL

New 'Dancing With the Stars' Cast Has Something for Everyone

The final cast members of "Dancing with the Stars" were revealed Tuesday morning. The well-rounded cast has something for everyone.

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Obama paints doomsday scene of global warming in Alaska

Obama paints doomsday scene of climate change in Alaska in campaign to boost global action

Hungary railway station remains closed to migrants

Hungary railway station still closed to migrants, thousands waiting to go to Germany

Taming Las Vegas street performances tabled until Sept. 16

Pitch to tame downtown Las Vegas street performances tabled until next City Council meeting

Nuclear regulators boost oversight of Massachusetts plant

Nuclear regulators ramp up oversight of Massachusetts power plant after winter storm shutdown

Texas County to Purchase Body Cameras After Police Shooting

After a bystander caught a police shooting on video, a county in Texas said it will purchase body cameras for the sheriff's department.

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New collars monitor pets for pain, problems

Companies develop collars that monitor pets for pain, signs of disease and distress

2 cases of polio found in Ukraine, caused by mutated virus

World Health Organization: 2 polio cases found in Ukraine, caused by mutated virus in vaccine

Heat volleyball hit hard by graduation

Obama Just Might Get His Iran Nuclear Deal, After All

Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski has pledged her support for the Iran deal, giving the president enough votes to push the agreement through Congress.

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Lawmakers deny they were making out in car at Minnesota park

2 GOP state lawmakers cited for making out in car at Minnesota park accuse ranger of lying

Obama locking up votes in Senate for Iran nuclear deal

Major foreign policy victory looms for Obama as Iran nuclear deal nears 34 votes in Senate

Autopsy: Football player shot by police had drugs in system

Autopsy: Texas college football player killed by police had psychedelic drug in system