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Robomedic? This Drone Might've Just Saved A Life

A water rescue by drone in Australia might give us a glimpse at the emergency response of the future.

Hawaiian's Turned To PornHub After False Missile…

Pornhub's insights show a spike in viewership just minutes after a False Alarm alerting Hawaiian's of an incoming missile was sent out. Buzz60's Sam Berman has the full story.

YouTube's Cracking Down On The Latest Viral Video…

Social media companies are trying to stop kids from eating Tide Pods.

A year of protests against Donald Trump

Since his inauguration, President Donald Trump's political opponents have gathered many times and he has often responded directly.

AP Top Stories 18 P

Here's the latest for Thursday, January 18th: Olympic medalist speaks out against abusive sports doctor; Congress argues under looming government shutdown; 13 children found shackled in California were put there as punishment; Peru locals make Pope soap.

Trump's Tweet Confuses Already Confusing…

He seemed to go against the GOP plan to include the Children's Health Insurance Program in a stop-gap spending measure.

Elvis Presley Reportedly Drank From this Paper…

A cup is for sale on eBay and it has supposedly been used by the King, Elvis Presley. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports.

Saudi Arabia Screens First Films In Decades…

Saudi Arabia is allowing movies to be shown in theaters for the first time since the early 1980s.

GOP rep.: Not enough votes to avert shutdown

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer that Republicans are still scrambling for votes on a spending bill that could avert a government shutdown hours before the measure goes before Congress.

Car Slams into Tow Truck, Flies Off Truck's Ramp

Dashcam footage from the Michigan State Police shows the moment a car slams in to a tow truck. (Jan. 18)

As Expected, 2017 Was One Of The Hottest Years On…

Government research confirms what we saw evidence of early in 2017 — the year was one of the hottest on record.

American auto manufacturers bet on trucks

Here are the new trucks Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge are betting on while their foreign competitors focus on sedans and crossover SUVs.

Trump's first year gets mixed reviews in Iowa

CNN's Bill Weir talks to voters in Monticello, Iowa one year into Donald Trump's presidency.

Where Might Companies Invest Their Repatriated…

Billions of dollars of overseas earnings are being repatriated to the U.S. So, where will that money go?

Here's why real progress could be made at Davos…

This year at Davos, the focus is supposed to be on creating a shared future in a fractured world. But the man many blame for the divide, President Trump, is attending. CNN's Richard Quest explains what's at stake this year.

Chamber of Commerce CEO on the impact of tax cuts

Tom Donohue discusses how businesses and employees are impacted.

HHS Created An Office For Religious Freedom, And…

The Department of Health and Human Services formed a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, which it says will help protect religious freedom.

Tapper: Trump's views on wall have changed

After White House chief of staff John Kelly told Democratic lawmakers that President Trump's early promises of a border wall were not fully informed, the President insists he has remained consistent. CNN's Jake Tapper compares the President's rhetoric on the subject over time.

Manatees Huddle For Warmth in Florida

Clusters of manatees, a threatened species, could be seen huddling together in a canal in Tampa, Florida due to temperature drop. (Jan. 18)

Nassar Accuses Judge Of Turning Sentencing Into A…

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina responded by calling Dr. Larry Nassar's complaints "delusional." He faces seven first-degree criminal sexual abuse charges.

Pope performs impromptu wedding on plane

The two flight attendants had the first-ever wedding ceremony officiated by the pope on an airplane.

N.C. Officials Urge People to Stay Home

Even after the storm blew off shore, North Carolina officials urged people to stay home while crews worked on roads made treacherous by the storm. (Jan. 18)

Pope Francis Married This Lucky Couple On An…

The pope conducted an impromptu wedding for two flight attendants during a short flight out of Chile's capital Thursday morning, according to CNN.

Fashion and politics in the age of Trump

A look at what people wore to express their politics during Trump's first year in office.

NJ Senate president talks possibility of…

Democrat Stephen Sweeney says there is a need to almost 'blow the system up and start over' in New Jersey.

The Women's March Isn't Just For People In The US

There are worldwide sister demonstrations of the Women's March.

Pelosi: GOP bill like a 'bowl of doggy doo'

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi criticized the GOP spending bill, which would extend funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

CDC: 49 states reporting widespread flu activity

Dr. Kelly Powers provides insight about this especially virulent strain.

Chicago Protesters Want A 'Clean' Deal For…

Chicago "Dreamers" rallied in freezing temperatures to call on politicians negotiating their fate for a deal without strings attached.