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Trump Signs Executive Order To Change How We Use…

White House calls on other nations to join forces to exploit resources beyond our world.

6 Mild COVID-19 Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

The severity of COVID-19 symptoms can range from very mild to severe. Here are potential symptoms you shouldn't ignore.

Longtime Film Actor Dies Of Coronavirus

A former co-star confirmed the actor's death on social media.

Autopsy: Therapist's Wife, Kids Died From…

The wife and three children died from overdoses of Benadryl, but investigators suspect much more.

Court Drops Rape Charges Against Megachurch Leader

An appeals court ordered the dismissal of a criminal case Tuesday for charges of child rape and human trafficking.

Kobe Bryant's latest book to debut atop…

Kobe Bryant is back atop the best-seller lists

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10,000 Years Ago, Humans Created Thousands Of…

A large-scale analysis of the southwestern Amazonian rainforest revealed that, about 10,000 years ago, humans created thousands of “forest islands” in the region.

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Toddler Survives COVID-19 After 106 Fever

Amanda May and Ryan Schreiber were in shock when the thermometer's bright red screen read 106.5 degrees.

Bernie Sanders Drops out of 2020 Democratic Race…

Bernie Sanders Drops out of 2020 Democratic Race for President The Vermont Senator officially announced an end to his 2020 presidential bid on Wednesday. Bernie Sanders, via announcement Bernie Sanders, via announcement Former Vice President Biden is now the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee. Sanders ran on a progressive platform as a democratic socialist. He championed a health care plan he called "Medicare for all," and free four-year higher education at public colleges. Early in the race for the Democratic nomination, Sanders was the clear frontrunner. But in South Carolina, he failed to galvanize black voter support. From there, Biden began to emerge as the likely nominee. 2020 was Senator Sanders' second bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Can Your Pet Contract COVID-19?

After a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for COVID-19, many have wondered if family pets could pick up the virus.

3 Female Employees of Truck Stop Stabbed to Death

There are fewer people on America's roads these days, but one of them proved deadly. Police say a 33-year-old North Carolina man stabbed four women at a Tennessee truck stop on Tuesday morning, killing three. All worked at the Pilot Travel Center off I-40 near Knoxville and have been identified...

Corona stats for Nevada | WIDE | Wed, Apr 8, 2020…


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Amazon Tests Disinfectant Fog At Staten Island…

The testing comes after warehouse workers staged a walkout demanding higher pay and better protection during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hail lines the sides of the road

Severe weather left a trail of hail along the roads of Springfield, West Virginia, on April 8.

How To Build A Girl

Trailer for 'How to Build a Girl' starring Alfie Allen, Emma Thompson, Frank Dillane, Chris O'Dowd, Beanie Feldstein

Exodus From Wuhan Begins

For the first time in 11 weeks, people are being allowed to leave the city where the coronavirus pandemic began —and tens of thousands of them rushed to so on Wednesday. Authorities in Wuhan say some 55,000 people left the city by train Wednesday after the lockdown was lifted,...

Biden vs. Trump: General election battle is now…

The general election battle is now set

Quarantine Life: Watch Celebs Exercise, Do Chores…

Check out these celebs under quarantine.

COVID-19 Is Infecting and Killing Black Americans…

COVID-19 Is Infecting and Killing Black Americans at Alarming Rates in Some States New data from a number of big cities and states is shedding light on current inequalities in health care. In Illinois, North and South Carolina, Connecticut, Las Vegas and Minnesota, black Americans have been infected disproportionately to their population percentage. The number of deaths among African Americans due to COVID-19 has been described as devastating. While the information is preliminary, it is alarming and significant enough that some lawmakers have declared the crisis a "call-to-action moment for all of us." Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Mayor, via 'NYT' Health experts say the reasons have to do with systemic inequalities related in part to the percentage of black Americans who cannot work from home. Existing health conditions, the necessity of public transit and lack of insurance are also likely contributors. Initial data also points to doctors being less likely to refer black Americans for testing. Dr. Mandy Cohen, NC, via 'The New York Times'

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Kennedy Boy's Body Is Found

Maryland police say the lifeless body of 8-year-old Gideon McKean was found Wednesday after days of searching the Chesapeake Bay, USA Today reports. The descendant of Robert F. Kennedy vanished last week when he and his mother, Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean, went adrift in a canoe in the bay's choppy...

Corona stats for Kentucky | WIDE | Wed, Apr 8…