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Tiger attacks founder of Arizona nonprofit animal rescue

A Bengal tiger has attacked a nonprofit animal rescue's founder in northwestern Arizona and will not be put down after the man said the accident was his fault

More Than Half of People Born Wealthy Don't Think…

Elizabeth Keatinge tells us about a survey that says more than half of people who were born wealthy think they are not.

Streaming Services Remain Eligible For Oscars…

The Academy's board voted Tuesday to leave a major rule on eligibility unchanged for the 2020 Oscars.

How Two Arab Women Chefs Are Celebrating…

Using the hashtag, they share their culture and traditions while countering stereotypes of Arabs in the news media.

Justin Beiber WALKS OUT On Hailey Baldwin Who Is…

The divorce rumors are BACK when it comes to Justin and Hailey Bieber. It’s being reported that this time Justin is the one who walked out AND that Hailey has a little something in the oven if you know what I mean. We’re going to discuss if we think that’s FACT or FICTION. PLUS I need to fill you guys in on how Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are supporting each other during their comebacks. It’s the BFF news you need to hear today so stay right here.

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Another 'Serious Issue' Arises In World's Most…

British TV presenter Ben Fogle was suffocating. 'It felt like losing my scuba tanks under water and I only had one gulp of breath...'

Sanders holds 1st press briefing since March 11…

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is holding her first briefing in more than a month, but the questions came from children instead of working journalists


Food poisoning remains persistent problem, US…

U.S. food poisoning outbreaks don't appear to be going away anytime soon, as shown by recent illnesses tied to raw turkey, ground beef, cut melon and romaine lettuce.

Plans for fleeing fires are few, even in towns at…

Some emergency officials say wildfires are too unpredictable to plan for evacuations

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Likely NBA top pick Zion Williamson referenced at NCAA trial

Zion Williamson, widely projected to be the top overall pick in the NBA June draft, was mentioned repeatedly at a college basketball corruption trial as a Clemson coach seemed to be eager for help in recruiting him

Report: Chicago officer nervous after killing black teenager

A psychologist's report on a white former Chicago police officer convicted of killing a black teenager in 2014 says the officer felt "shell-shocked" in the days that followed the shooting

Lawsuit seeks to block Indiana ban on abortion procedure

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana has filed a lawsuit challenging the state's attempt to ban a second-trimester abortion procedure just hours after the governor signed it into law

Nike Instagram Post Featuring Model With Unshaven…

A post on Nike’s social media showing a female model with unshaven armpit hair is causing a stir! Buzz60’s Mercer Morrison has the story.

'Curse Of La Llorona' Beats Box-Office…

There were only two films brave enough to stand in the week before "Endgame" hits the box office: "The Curse of La Llorona" and "Breakthrough."

Boeing Reports Initial $1B Hit From 737 MAX…

According to Boeing's first-quarter results, the company saw an initial $1 billion increase in production costs connected to the jet's grounding.

Blac Chyna Headed To HARVARD Business School In A…

Well, I never thought I’d say these words BUT…Blac Chyna is going to HARVARD. PLUS…remember earlier this week when she said she was trying to change her ways? Well, she was not lying because she’s even thinking of DROPPING that MAJOR lawsuit she has against the KarJenner fam. On top of that we need to talk about how Instagram had Kim Kardashian looking like a shady lady by unfollowing ALL of her closest friends and fam…thankfully there’s an explanation. Oh and we must discuss the fact that Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are NOT broken up…he just thinks its a bad idea to publicly date her right now. Can’t say YIKES enough on that one…we’re talking all of this KarJenner news right now so stay tuned.

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Few escape routes spell danger for towns at risk…

An expert says building codes that regulate?room capacity and emergency exits should apply to road infrastructure in California communities that face wildfires

Mother and son killed in tornado in northern Louisiana

Two people were killed when a tornado tore through northern Louisiana