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Red Bull Heir Faces Charges, If Police Can Find…

Red Bull heir Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhya isn't free to return to Thailand after all. Two months after charges were dropped against the 38-year-old accused of killing a Bangkok motorcycle cop in a 2012 hit-and-run —a move critics called an example of impunity offered to the wealthy and connected—the country...

AP Exclusive: Pandemic shrinking Europe's monitor…

The coronavirus pandemic has led Europe’s largest security organization to drastically scale back plans to send as many as 500 observers to the U.S. to monitor the Nov. 3 presidential election

Watch what happens inside your brain during sleep

Research from Boston University suggests that tonight while you sleep, something amazing will happen within your brain. Your neurons will go quiet. A few seconds later, blood will flow out of your head. Then, a watery liquid called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) will flow in, washing through your brain in rhythmic, pulsing waves.

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WHO Warns of 'Alarming Rates' of Coronavirus…

WHO Warns of 'Alarming Rates' of Coronavirus Transmission , in Europe. Hans Kluge, the regional director of the World Health Organization (WHO), made the statement during a press conference on Thursday. . He referred to the surge of coronavirus cases in Europe as a "very serious situation.". Weekly cases have now exceeded those reported when the pandemic first peaked in Europe in March. Last week, the region's weekly tally exceeded 300,000 patients, Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director, via CNN. In June, cases hit an all-time low. The September case numbers, however, should serve as a wake-up call for all of us, Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director, via CNN. Governments across Europe are again considering lockdowns. According to Kluge, the greatest numbers of new cases are occurring in individuals within the age range of 25 to 49. Kluge called for "an amplified collective effort by all European member states for the sake of all European member states.". The response to the crisis has been very effective whenever the actions were prompt and resolute .., Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director, via CNN. ... but the virus has shown (itself to be) merciless whenever partisanship and disinformation prevailed, Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director, via CNN

'I Am a Normal, Un-Brave Person.' And Patient 1133

"I am a normal, un-brave person. I am also a part of history now," writes Molly Jong-Fast, an editor-at-large for the Daily Beast and "Patient 1133" in Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine trial. In a New York Times op-ed, Jong-Fast describes the pride she felt (well, after the anxiety attack) at receiving...

Biden In Trouble With Black Voters

The Biden campaign is in crisis mode. Dozens of Black luminaries sat for a virtual meeting, trying to figure out how the campaign could woo Black male voters. Politico reports that callers urged Biden to deliver a positive message. "It’s not just about anti-Trump but what we’re going to do on our side.” Biden campaign insider Biden is under performing with black male voters. According to recent polling, he is also failing miserably to connect with Latinos.

Assessing the damage after the storm

Bill Wadell was in Escambia County, Florida, on Sept. 17 reporting on the widespread damage caused by Hurricane Sally along the coast.

Wild Card: The Downfall Of A Radio Loudmouth

Trailer for 'Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth'

Do Temperature Checks Do More Harm Than Good?

Temperature checks have become a familiar ritual these days for people venturing out into public buildings. The problem is that they might not work very well as a COVID deterrent, writes Annabelle Timsit at Quartz . For one thing, readings are notoriously unreliable because of equipment, user error, and other factors....

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Likely Coming Soon to NJ: a Millionaires Tax

In what's being called a "historic win for the middle-class," a proposal has been OKed by top New Jersey state Democrats to hike taxes on the rich. The plan, announced Thursday by Democrats Gov. Phil Murphy, Senate President Steve Sweeney, and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, would raise the tax rate...

Trump gives award to Kuwait's ruling emir

President Donald Trump is bestowing a top U.S. honor on Kuwait’s ruling emir, who has played a central role in resolving a yearslong four-nation boycott of Qatar and is now ill and receiving treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota

NASA captures stunning new image of Jupiter

Ashley Tisdale Announces Pregnancy

Ashley Tisdale Announces Pregnancy. The actress and her husband, Christopher French, are expecting their first baby together. Tisdale took to Instagram and showed off her new baby bump. The news comes days after their anniversary. The couple recently celebrated six years of marriage together. Wow I can’t believe we’ve been married 6 years?!! Time flies. , Ashley Tisdale, via Instagram. ... I let go and trusted my heart and 8 months later we were a couple of crazy kids engaged, Ashley Tisdale, via Instagram. She credited her husband with making her “a better version” of herself. Your heart is pure, you would do anything to make me happy, through the ups and downs you are my solid rock. , Ashley Tisdale, via Instagram. I’m so grateful I get to be your wife. I love you and after all this time I’m still into you, Ashley Tisdale, via Instagram. Fellow ‘High School Musical’ co-star, Vanessa Hudgens, shared her excitement about her friend’s growing family. Just the freaking cutest, Vanessa Hudgens, via Instagram

Report: Controversial CDC Change Didn't Come From…

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention change to COVID testing guidelines that caused consternation last month wasn't the work of CDC scientists and was "dropped" into the agency's website despite their objections, sources tell the New York Times . The controversial guidance, which stated that people without symptoms shouldn't get...

How To Relieve Stress Naturally?

Stress is a part of daily life. It's easily managble, if y Business Insider To relieve stress, you can try strategies like exercising, practicing relaxation techniques, getting more sleep, eating healthier, connecting with loved ones, and finding ways to laugh. Research has found that all of these methods can help reduce stress, though it's important to find which work best for you. Exercise Practice relaxation techniques get more sleep eat a healthy diet laugh connect with loved ones

AccuWeather increases hurricane season forecast

As hurricane season continues to be an active one in the Atlantic Basin, AccuWeather has updated its hurricane season forecast.

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The Opening Act

Trailer for 'The Opening Act' starring Bill Burr, Ken Jeong, Mircea Monroe, Jimmy O. Yang, Tom Segura

Smoke Forces Yosemite's Closure

Yosemite National Park has been closed indefinitely as smoke from wildfires turns the air into a polluted mess. An air quality monitor run by the federal government showed a pollution score of 681 in the park on Thursday, per the Los Angeles Times . Hazardous air is anything scoring above 300....