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Cable Free Live TV Is Here: Get YouTube TV with…

With Kinetic Internet and YouTube TV, watch entertainment from your favorite channels with the freedom and flexibility you want, for a great price.

Things Keep Getting Worse For Popular Fast Food…

The longtime fast food restaurant is reeling as customers continue to fall ill across several US states.

Dog Tests Positive For Coronavirus

A dog has been placed in quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus.

New Walmart+ Service Poised To Change Retail…

Walmart finally has its answer to Amazon Prime, and customers are freaking out.

Pope Francis Cancels Mass In Rome Due To Illness…

The pope referenced the coronavirus during his mass on Ash Wednesday, then canceled further appearances.

Aide: Media ignores Trump's loving bond with…

A top aide to President Donald Trump has complained that the media doesn't pay enough attention to the president's loving relationship with his 13-year-old son, Barron

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Scientists Find Iron 'Whiskers' In Asteroid Sample

Scientists have found iron "whiskers" in an asteroid sample.

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Oprah Makes A Surprising Confession

Oprah Winfrey is one of the world's most powerful celebrities. She is also proving to be brutally honest.

WHO Declares Risk of Coronavirus Is 'Very High at…

WHO Declares Risk of Coronavirus Is 'Very High at a Global Level' The World Health Organization (WHO) upgraded the risk of the spread of coronavirus on Friday. Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO, via NPR News The virus has been found in more than 50 countries. On Monday, the virus was known to be in 29 countries. Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO, via NPR News Countries with dramatic increases in contractions of the virus this week include South Korea, Italy and Iran. The director-general of the WHO was hopeful in his announcement, saying there wasn't any evidence yet of the virus spreading freely. Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO, via NPR News 2,800 people have died from the coronavirus. Of the 83,000 who are known to have contracted it, 37,000 have recovered.

Macaulay Culkin Is Returning To Acting With Big…

The 'Home Alone' star's involvement was announced by creator Ryan Murphy in an Instagram video..

Court: McGahn Doesn't Have to Testify

A federal appeals court decided Friday that House Democrats can't force former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify before them. The panel's 2-1 vote provides President Trump a victory in his effort to keep top advisers from testifying before Congress, as he did during the impeachment hearings, Politico reports....

Biden Admits He Wasn't Detained In South Africa

Joe Biden has spent weeks telling audiences he was arrested in apartheid South Africa. He claims he was arrested while trying to meet with Nelson Mandela. There has been speculation from the New York Times, Snopes, and The Washington Post that his story is false. On Friday, he told CNN the story wasn't true. "I wasn't arrested, I was stopped. I was not able to move where I wanted to go."

Popular Snack Company Creates Sliced Mayonnaise

A snack company announced it will release individually wrapped slices of mayonnaise starting in March.

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WHO Raises Coronavirus Threat Assessment To…

The agency is adjusting its evaluation to "very high" based on "the continued increase in the number of cases, and the number of affected countries."

Lions Reportedly Eat Teen In Safari Park

A teenager who went out to cut grass ended up being eaten by lions in a safari park, authorities say.

Reporter talks about his first encounter with…

Our Dexter Henry was in Adams Center, New York covering his first lake-effect event dealing blizzard and whiteout conditions He joined us on the AccuWeather Network to share his experience.

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Mulan: Tranquil (TV Spot)

Trailer for 'Mulan' starring Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Xana Tang, Utkarsh Ambudkar

Outbreak Prompts CBS to Shut Production of…

The closings to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus have reached reality TV. CBS announced Friday that it has stopped production of the next season of The Amazing Race , CNN reports, and sent everyone home. "No Racers or anyone on the production team travelling with them have contracted the...

Steele takes 1-shot lead at midpoint of The Honda…

Brendan Steele has a one-shot lead at the midpoint of The Honda Classic

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Video Shows Police Car Getting Hit By Flying Ice…

Police in Vermont used this video to remind drivers about cleaning their cars after winter storms.

Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' Is Blocked by Federal…

Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' Is Blocked by Federal Court The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals made the ruling regarding the program on Friday. The Trump administration's "Remain in Mexico" program required migrants to stay in Mexico until their immigration hearing in the U.S. Formerly called the Migrant Protection Protocols, the policy began implementation in January 2019. Since that time, 59,000 migrants have been put into the program. While awaiting entrance to the U.S., enlistees live in makeshift camps, often in squalid and dangerous conditions. In blocking the policy, the court cited evidence of "serious adverse consequences for the individual plaintiffs." 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, via CNN 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, via CNN