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Troubling New Details Emerge In Wake Of TV Host's…

Former 'Love Island' host Caroline Flack was found dead of an apparent suicide on Saturday afternoon.

One Of The Country's Most Revered Authors Has Died

Charles Portis, a favorite among critics and writers for works such as 'True Grit,' was 86.

White House correspondents' dinner returns to…

Comedians are making their return to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner after last year's hiatus

Is This The World's Most Instagrammable Forest?

A grove in Kyoto, Japan that’s filled with towering bamboo is emerging as one of the planet’s most Instagrammable forests.

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6 Great Cocktails to Warm You up During Winter

6 Great Cocktails to Warm You up During Winter Many cocktails are often served with ice. A cold alcoholic drink is usually not what you're looking for in the winter season. To get through winter's worst days, here are some drinks you can make in your own kitchen: 1. "Hot Toddy" - Use whiskey, honey, lemon juice and boiling water for this beverage. 2. "Hot Penicillin" - A Scotch-based cocktail that can be served warm and uses ginger, lemon and honey. 3. "Tom and Jerry" - For this drink, add warm milk and either bourbon, rum or brandy to eggnog. 4. "Hot Buttered Rum" - Mix a lump of butter with hot water, sugar and rum to experience this drink. 5. "Mulled Wine" - Combine red wine with sugar, spices and citrus fruits. 6. "Irish Coffee" - Besides whiskey and coffee, this classic can also include syrup and cream floats.

Boy Scouts of America Files for Bankruptcy

The Boy Scouts of America, fighting for survival amid a flood of sexual abuse lawsuits, has filed for bankruptcy protection. The Chapter 11 filing early Tuesday marks the start of what is expected to be one of the most complex bankruptcies in US history, lawyers tell NBC . Changes in statute-of-limitation...

White House Still Fretting About John Bolton's…

John Bolton is due make his first public speech since the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump wrapped up. This, even as his lawyers continue to wrangle with the White House over the contents of his highly anticipated book. The administration has argued much of the book can't be published due to the sensitivity of the content. Bolton is a former National Security Adviser under the Trump Administration. According to CNN, Bolton's views of the President's policies toward Ukraine were cited by multiple impeachment witnesses. Bolton's unpublished manuscript alleges Trump told him to help get damaging information on Democrats from Ukraine. Bolton has yet to publicly comment about the events that unfolded last year.

Mike Bloomberg Qualifies For Democratic Debate

Wednesday's event will be Bloomberg's first chance to face other presidential candidates in a debate.

Hailstorm hits town during a sunny day

Small hailstones fell in Bellevue, Washington, with the sun shining on Feb. 17.

The Call Of The Wild: Will You Answer The Call…

Trailer for 'The Call of the Wild' starring Karen Gillan, Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Bradley Whitford, Jean Louisa Kelly

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Price Is Right Halts Production After Drew…

The Price Is Right has halted production while host Drew Carey grieves for murdered ex-fiancee Amie Harwick. Production company execs confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that tapings of the CBS show scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday this week have been called off and will be rescheduled for the week of...

Stocks open lower on Apple warning, virus…

Stocks are opening lower on Wall Street after Apple said it would fail to meet its revenue forecast for the current quarter due to the impact of the virus outbreak in China

Satellite Spots Traces Of Ancient Mega Lake From…

What’s now Lake Chad was once a roughly 150,000 square mile body of water, and outlines of its once massive shoreline were recently captured in images taken from space.

5 Facts About Leap Years

5 Facts About Leap Years 1. Julius Caesar implemented the leap year in Rome. The Julian Calendar was implemented in 46 B.C.E. Though it was flawed, it remained in place for 16 centuries until the Gregorian Calendar replaced it. 2. Some leap years are purposely skipped. Because the solar year lasts 365.24219 days, the leap day is skipped to remain in alignment with the earth's orbit around the sun. 3. February 29 is connected to the Salem Witch Trials. On Feb. 29, 1692, the initial arrest warrants were issued for those accused of witchcraft in the community. 4. Leap year babies have their own honor society. More than 11,000 "leapers" are members of the Honor Society of Leap Year Babies. Membership is free. 5. Leap years match up with certain elections. The U.S. presidential elections align with leap years. Unless, of course, a leap year is skipped.

Dems to Welcome a New Face to Debate Stage

The next Democratic debate, the ninth so far, will feature a brand-new face onstage. CNN reports that Michael Bloomberg has qualified for Wednesday evening's event in Las Vegas by earning 19% support in an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, making it the former New York City mayor's fourth national poll in which...

Study: Persistently Antisocial? Maybe It's How…

Antisocial behaviors such as stealing, bullying, and lying may have their origins in brain structures. British and American researchers used MRI scans to compare the brain compositions of those with a history of these behaviors to those without. They found that antisocial individuals may have thinner cerebral cortices and smaller surface area in some regions of the brain than others. It's the first robust evidence suggesting that underlying neuro-psychological differences exist in people with persistent antisocial behavior. UPI reports researchers say the findings may have implications for the way society treats juvenile offenders.

Boy Scouts Of America Files For Bankruptcy…

The BSA is facing hundreds of lawsuits from men who allege they were sexually abused when they were Boy Scouts.

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'Ice volcanoes' erupt at Oval Beach

On Sunday, Feb. 16, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the waves at the beach interacted with the ice in an interesting way, creating ice volcanoes.

The Call Of The Wild: Answer The Call (Spot)

Trailer for 'The Call of the Wild' starring Karen Gillan, Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Bradley Whitford, Jean Louisa Kelly