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'Saved By The Bell' Star Feels 'Hurt' After Snub

Saved by the Bell is returning — but one of the original wasn't invited.

737 Max Has An 'Absolutely Unacceptable' New…

After two deadly crashes that killed 346 people, the beleaguered Boeing 737 Max has a new problem, and per a company spokesman, it's an "absolutely unacceptable" one. A routine maintenance check on multiple new planes waiting to be delivered turned up in their fuel tanks "foreign object debris," which the...

Award-Winning Actress Behind Disney Classic Dead…

The four-time Tony winner who brought humanity to larger-than-life characters has died.

He Showed Up at Beer Garden Barefoot, With a…

Texas police have released information about a bizarre situation that involved a drunk driver and corpse.

Who Was Pardoned Under Trump's Clemency Spree?

On Tuesday, the president announced pardons for a number of high-profile individuals.

Asian stocks mixed after Wall Street rises to…

Shares are mixed in Asia after Wall Street recovered to record highs, with the Shanghai benchmark jumping nearly 2% after China's central bank cut interest rates to help ease credit for companies stricken by the virus outbreak centered on the city of Wuhan

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Giant Moth Party On A Human Hand

A bunch of giant atlas moths threw a party on a human’s hand, and the video of the festive event was posted to Instagram.

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Is The Coronavirus More 'Deadly' Than The Flu?

What's more deadly — the flu, SARS or the new coronavirus discovered in China?

Lack of Sleep Is Causing Your Sugar Cravings…

Lack of Sleep Is Causing Your Sugar Cravings, Study Reveals The analysis can be found in the 'Journal of the American Heart Association.' It says that the connection between sleep deprivation and sugar consumption is especially noticeable in women. A survey of over 500 female subjects was used, with 30 percent saying they slept less than seven hours a night. On average, those who reported this amount of rest ate up to 800 more calories per day. This is due to them consuming more than the recommended intake of sugar and saturated fats. They were also not meeting the mark for consumption of healthy products. Senior study author Dr. Brooke Aggarwal says that one can adopt "good sleep hygiene" to combat the issue. This includes going to bed at the same time daily and shutting off devices before your sleep. Dr. Brooke Aggarwal, via CNN Dr. Brooke Aggarwal, via CNN

There's A New Study On The Mediterranean Diet

Another study is extolling the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, this time in regard to aging.

Bloomberg Booed After Answer on Sexual Harassment

Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic rivals have been pummeling Michael Bloomberg throughout the Democratic debate in Las Vegas—and she got the audience to boo the former New York City mayor on one issue. After Bloomberg, asked about the alleged culture of sexual harassment in his company, said he had...

Michael Bloomberg Comes Under Fire For…

A 2019 video surfaced of Michael Bloomberg making controversial comments about the transgender community. The video shows Bloomberg describing a transgender person as “some guy wearing a dress.” He then refers to the person as “it” in a discussion about politicians calling for trans-inclusive protections. The video was circulated hours after Bloomberg’s campaign released a video looking for support from LGBTQ youth. According to the HuffPost, LGBTQ advocates condemned Bloomberg’s remarks as “transphobic” and “appalling.”

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Democrats Presidential Candidates Clash In Tense…

Days before the "First in the West" caucus, six Democrats candidates took the debate stage in Nevada, including first-time participant Mike Bloomberg.

Road conditions snowy and poor

With conditions like this near Maxwell, Nebraska, on Feb. 19, make sure to drive slow, buckle up, and increase your following distance.

Streetlight Harmonies

Trailer for 'Streetlight Harmonies' starring Brooks Arthur, Jeff Barry, Lance Bass, Jon 'Bowzer' Bauman, Jerry Blavat

Bloomberg a Major Target in Las Vegas Debate

Michael Bloomberg was on a Democratic presidential debate stage for the first time Wednesday night and he became a major target in the Las Vegas debate from the opening minutes onward—more so than frontrunner Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg also took part in...

Mississippi man accused of killing 8 tears up…

Testimony from a Mississippi woman whose son and nephew were two of the eight victims killed in an early morning shooting in 2017 was so emotional that the man accused of killing them was in tears

Bizarre Insect With Unusual Antennae Found…

Check out this bizarre insect.

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'Sonic the Hedgehog' Beats 'Detective Pikachu…

'Sonic the Hedgehog' Beats 'Detective Pikachu' Box Office Record 'Sonic the Hedgehog' has secured the best opening weekend for a video game adaptation movie. The movie raked in $57 million at the box office, beating 2019's Pokémon Detective Pikachu, which made $54 million during its launch period. Chris Aronson, Paramount, to 'Variety' The release date of the movie was pushed back after the initial design of the hedgehog caused backlash. 'Sonic' star Jim Carrey recently insisted he believes the redesign of the titular character made the film "much better," and it "turned out to be a great thing". Jim Carrey, via statement

Lori Vallow's Dead Husband Claimed She Said Odd…

The case of Lori Vallow's missing kids has made headlines for months—and the Idaho mom's gallivanting around Hawaii with current husband Chad Daybell has grabbed press in recent days. They're the couple who fled Idaho in November as police began asking questions about Lori's 7-year-old adopted son, JJ, and...

Three Things To Do With Your Tax Refund

1. Inserting refunds in high-yield savings accounts is good for cash you need in the short-term. 2. A certificate of deposit, or CD, helps you earn more on your tax refund if you don’t need the money immediately. 3. Opting for investing your refund toward your retirement goal, such as in an IRA, is good for long-term as well.