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6-Year-Old Makes Unbelievable Discovery

A six-year-old boy found an object that dates back to the late Bronze Age at Israel’s Tell Jemmeh archaeological site.

Animal Sighting Almost Too Rare To Be Believed

Wildlife officials struggled to believe a woman's claim — until she presented a photo.

Actor From 'Unforgiven' And 'In The Heat Of The…

The lanky character actor who played sleazy, menacing types in such films as 'In the Heat of the Night', 'Unforgiven' and 'High Plains Drifter' has died.

New Recommendation Has People Wearing Masks Even…

Wearing face masks at home may help ward off the spread of the Covid-19 virus between family members.

Turns Out Kylie Jenner Was Pulling A Big Scam

Forbes reports that Kylie Jenner is not really a billionaire. According to Business Insider, Forbes claims that Jenner and her mother, Kris Jenner, inflated their wealth in documents.

Theme Park Forbids Screaming On Rides

Guests at one amusement park will soon be able to enjoy their favorite terrifying rides, but there's a catch --

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Big Consequences For White Woman Who Called Cops…

The news came a day after a viral video drew outrage from all directions.

Zuckerberg Backs Trump In Fight Against Twitter

Facebook's creator is siding with the president in his fight against Twitter after his tweets began getting the fact-check treatment.

Entertainment Industry Mourns The Death Of…

The veteran TV and film actor died on Tuesday of complications from cancer. He was 87.

Woody Allen: My Son's Work Is 'Shoddy'

With Ronan Farrow on the ropes, his dad is taking a shot of his own. "People are beginning to realize that it isn't just in relation to me that his journalism has been kind of shoddy," Woody Allen tells the Telegraph . "And I'm not so sure that his credibility is...

As Minneapolis burns, mayor takes heat for the…

Several nights of violent protest in Minneapolis have prompted questions about whether city leaders have bungled their response

Don't You Dare Tell 'Lieutenant Dan' About…

A dog named Lieutenant Dan may have been “born a little different,” but, as his Instagram account shows, that hasn’t stopped him from living life to its fullest.

Barack Obama Issues Public Statement on George…

Barack Obama Issues Public Statement on George Floyd’s Death On May 29, former President Barack Obama took to Twitter to publicly address the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. In his statement, Obama expressed his “anguish” for the situation and connected it to the systemic racism faced by millions in the United States. Barack Obama, via Twitter Obama went on to say that institutions infected by “bigotry” and “unequal treatment” shouldn’t be normal in “2020 America.” Barack Obama, via Twitter He concluded by saying that although the investigation into Floyd’s death will largely be up to Minnesota officials, it’s up to everyone to work together and create a “new normal.” Barack Obama, via Twitter Derek Chauvin, the officer who knelt on Floyd's neck, was arrested and charged with murder on Friday.

Pentagon Takes 'Rare Step' After Latest Protests

Minnesota's governor is "fully mobilizing" the National Guard to quell violence that has erupted in Minneapolis and to some extent in St. Paul, USA Today reports. Numbers vary, but CBS Minnesota notes that up to 13,000 soldiers and airmen might be serving in Minnesota and CNN reports that 2,...

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Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin Charged…

The Minneapolis police officer who restrained an unarmed black man by kneeling on his neck has been arrested. According to Reuters, officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder. The victim, 46-year-old George Floyd died a short time after Chauvin knelt on his throat for five minutes. Cellphone footage shows Floyd repeatedly gasping for air while pleading to Chauvin who is kneeling on his neck. Floyd pleads “Please, I can’t breathe.” After several minutes, Floyd gradually grows quiet and ceases to move. Floyd's death has sparked three days and nights of protests and riots in Minneapolis and other cities across the country.

Supreme Court Upholds California's Religious…

The court ruled that California Gov. Gavin Newsom had the power to limit gatherings to curb the spread of COVID-19 — including religious gatherings.

Build a water park in your own backyard

Many people are trying to figure out exciting ways to have summer fun from home. Find out how to build a water park in your own backyard for next to nothing.


Trailer for 'Choke' starring Shane Ryan, Scott Butler, Sarah Brine, Lisa London, Sal Landi

Taylor Swift Issues a Warning to Trump

It hasn't been a secret that Taylor Swift doesn't care for how President Trump has been running things, but she laid it even more out on the line on Friday. After Trump's inflammatory tweet regarding protesters for George Floyd , in which the president called the demonstrators "thugs" and proclaimed "when...

More Bad News for Ex-Cop Accused of Killing…

The former Minneapolis police officer charged with murder in the death of George Floyd has a new problem. Per CBS Minnesota , the legal team for Kellie Chauvin, wife of Derek Chauvin, spoke with her Friday night, and released a statement for her that says she's filing for divorce. "She is...

Infected workers, parts shortages slow auto…

Parts shortages and infected workers are slowing the U.S. auto industry's ability to restart factories

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Watch: Frightened Lamb Rescued From Cliff Edge

A frightened lamb was rescued from a cliff's edge.

Happy Birthday, Normani! (Sunday, May 31)

Happy Birthday, Normani! Normani Kordei Hamilton turns 24 years old today. Here are five fun facts about the singer. 1. She started taking dance classes when she was 3 years old. 2. She used to be a gymnast. 3. Normani made it to the finals on 'Dancing with the Stars.' 4. Her favorite color is pink. 5. She became a member of Fifth Harmony through 'The X Factor.' Happy Birthday, Normani!