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Frank Sinatra's Daughter Makes Surprising Claim…

Donald Trump’s plans for a new landmark honoring "the greatest Americans who ever lived" is off to a rocky start.

New Stimulus Checks May Be On The Way – Here's…

There may finally be an official stimulus check update soon, with Congress appearing increasingly likely to take action on a new stimulus package later this month.

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Terrifying Brain-Eating Amoeba Resurfaces In…

The state's Health Department has confirmed the case, saying only that the patient is in Hillsborough County.

This Is How Dr. Fauci Protects Himself Against…

At 79 years old, Dr. Fauci is in the at-risk category, so he’s taking several precautions to reduce his own risk of infection.

2 Dead, 6 Missing After Planes Collide Over Lake

Two people are confirmed dead and as many as six others are missing after two planes collided on Sunday afternoon over an Idaho lake.

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'Blasphemous' Film Starring Paris Jackson As…

Nearly 300,000 people have signed a petition aiming to block the release of the independent film "Habit."

103-Year-Old Dives Right Out Of The Sky

Falling from 14,000 feet up is hair-raising enough, but doing it at 103? "I never thought I would be around this long," Al Blaschke told ABC News after making his Guinness World Records-breaking leap with two grandsons.

Country Music Star Charlie Daniels Is Dead

Sad news in the world of music: Charlie Daniels has died at age 83 of a stroke, reports the Tennessean . Daniels, a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, is best known for his smash hit of 1979, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." But well before that, Daniels...

Denise Richards details return to set on 'Bold…

Denise Richards says she wasn't nervous to return to work on the CBS soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” but instead felt excited

Trump Calls On Bubba Wallace To Apologize Over…

President Trump called on Bubba Wallace to apologize for what he described as the noose “hoax.”

Nick Cordero Dies of Coronavirus at Age 41

Nick Cordero Dies of Coronavirus at Age 41 The Broadway actor spent more than 90 days in the hospital fighting complications related to COVID-19. He died on Sunday, July 5. Cordero's wife, Amanda Kloots, took to Instagram to share a message. Amanda Kloots, via Instagram Amanda Kloots, via Instagram Amanda Kloots, via Instagram Amanda thanked her late husband's "extraordinary" doctor. Amanda Kloots, via Instagram She also thanked people for their "outpour of love." Amanda Kloots, via Instagram Amanda Kloots, via Instagram

Another Pipeline Surprise: Dakota Site Is Shut…

For three years, the Dakota Access pipeline has been bearing oil from a North Dakota shale basin to Illinois, per a 2017 permit granted by President Trump to do so. Now, a federal judge has delivered what Bloomberg calls a "stunning defeat" to the Trump administration and the oil industry,...

How Is The Dalia Lama Celebrating His Birthday?

The Dalia Lama is celebrating his 85th birthday by releasing his first ever album. The Tibetan spiritual leader's new album is "Inner World." It's an album of mantras and Buddhist teachings. He hopes the album will provide some tranquility amid the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic. "Music has the potential to transcend our differences. It can return us to our true nature of warm-heartedness." "The very purpose of my life is to serve as much as I can. Music can help people in a way that I can't."

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Australia Locks Down State Amid COVID-19 Surge

Melbourne is reporting record-setting new daily infection numbers.

More showers, thunderstorms to soak Southeast

Since late last week, the Southeast has been unsettled, and that will remain the case during the first week of July.

ATypical Wednesday

Trailer for 'Wednesdays' starring J. Lee, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Seth Green, Sujata Day, Kelen Coleman

China's New Worry: the Bubonic Plague

China has another infectious disease worry on its hands, but this one is old school. As in, it's the bubonic plague, reports the BBC . It seems a herder in Inner Mongolia came down with the disease, and he's now undergoing treatment in a hospital, per the New York Times . The...

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Dalai Lama Marks 85th Birthday in a Big Way

If you've been anxiously waiting for the Dalai Lama's first album to drop, your wait is over (and the album can help you with some of that residual anxiety). Inner World debuts Monday, on the occasion of the Buddhist spiritual leader's 85th birthday, leaving him on track to "[make] a...

Scientists urge WHO to acknowledge virus can…

More than 200 scientists have called for the World Health Organization and others to acknowledge that the coronavirus can spread in the air

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Meet The World's Loudest Bird

Researchers reporting in the journal Current Biology captured the loudest bird calls yet documented. The calls are the mating songs of male white bellbirds, which live atop mountains in the Amazon region of northern Brazil.

This Day in History: Major League Baseball’s…

This Day in History: Major League Baseball’s First All-Star Game Is Held July 6, 1933 Hailed as "The Game of the Century," it took place at Comiskey Park in Chicago. For the first time in MLB history, the best players from each division would compete on the same team. MLB took a hard hit during the initial years of The Great Depression. Game attendance fell by 40%. The All-Star game was one of many promotional events created to entice people back to the ballpark. Chicago Tribune sports editor Arch Ward came up with the idea. Since then, the MLB All-Star Game has been organized every year except for 1945. The 2020 All-Star game was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.