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One Asymptomatic Carrier Rode An Elevator Alone…

Here is a blatant example of how symptomatic carriers make the coronavirus even more dangerous.

Grandma Who Killed Lookalike Faces Another…

Woman serving life in prison for the murder of a woman who resembled her is back in her home state to face another murder charge.

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Zach Braff Shares His Last Text From Nick Cordero

Nick Cordero was unconscious for most of the more than three months he was hospitalized with COVID-19—but the Broadway star was able to send a final message to longtime friend Zach Braff.

Things You Need To Stock Up On Now That…

With another rush on essentials looming, here are 5 things you'd be wise to load up on.

Massive Fireball Appears In The Night Sky

A space rock entered Earth’s atmosphere, producing a brilliant flash and a loud sonic boom.

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This Is How Dr. Fauci Protects Himself Against…

At 79 years old, Dr. Fauci is in the at-risk category, so he’s taking several precautions to reduce his own risk of infection.

Terrifying Brain-Eating Amoeba Resurfaces In…

The state's Health Department has confirmed the case, saying only that the patient is in Hillsborough County.

Frank Sinatra's Daughter Makes Surprising Claim…

Donald Trump’s plans for a new landmark honoring "the greatest Americans who ever lived" is off to a rocky start.

Feds Notify UN of Formal Withdrawal From WHO

The US is on its way out of the World Health Organization. The State Department and the United Nations say the Trump administration formally notified the UN Monday of its intention to withdraw from the WHO, triggering a 12-month withdrawal process that will end with the US exiting on July...

More positive tests, canceled workouts add to MLB…

As baseball nears the two-week countdown to the start of its delayed season, the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep more players off the field

Mary Trump Claims In Book President Trump Paid…

Mary Trump’s tell-all book about her uncle, President Trump, isn’t due out until next week, but details from it are already making headlines.

Blood Type May Affect Your COVID-19 Risk, Studies…

Blood Type May Affect Your COVID-19 Risk, Studies Suggest According to NBC News, recent studies indicate that people with Type A blood are more vulnerable to COVID-19, while people with Type O blood seem to be more protected against the virus. The results are more relevant to researchers obtaining a better understanding of the virus. Particular blood types do not guarantee protection. Dr. Aaron Glatt, via NBC News Dr. Aaron Glatt, via NBC News Last month, a study published in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' found that people with Type A blood were 45 percent more likely to need oxygen or a ventilator to fight their COVID-19 symptoms. Those with Type O or other blood types were 35 percent less likely to require those aids. Study author Andre Franke, via NBC News According to Dr. Roy Silverstein, professor and chair of medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, O and A blood types are most common, which is why researchers don't have much data about how those with blood types B and AB respond to infection.

Comedian's Daughter Shot 3 Times at Traffic Light

"I'm so mad right now, I don't know what to do," says comedian and syndicated radio host Rickey Smiley, whose daughter was shot multiple times in a suspected road-rage incident in Houston Sunday night. Aaryn Smiley, 19, was shot three times but is expected to recover, NBC reports. Police say...

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Fauci: Average Age Of COVID-19 Lowers By 15 Years

Brazil's President Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said his medical team gave him hydroxychloroquine.

Best tips for stargazers at night

If you enjoy stargazing, or if the wonders of the cosmos pique your curiosity, here are some tips to help you begin your journey through the starry skies.

Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison

Trailer for 'Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison' starring Romany Malco, Regina Hall, Alkoya Brunson, Tami Roman, Tyler Cassidy

Eagles Star Sorry for Anti-Semitic 'Hitler Quote'

Eagles star DeSean Jackson has apologized for sharing a deeply anti-Semitic quote that he thought was from Adolf Hitler. In an Instagram post Monday, the wide receiver posted a photo of highlighted text "detailing a conspiracy theory about a Jewish plot to oppress African Americans," as NBC News puts it....

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Halle Berry Ditches Trans Role After Outcry

Over the weekend, Halle Berry mentioned in an Instagram Live interview that she was excited about a potential new role—playing a transgender man in an unspecified project. Now the 53-year-old actress is apologizing, reports CNN . "As a cisgender woman, I now understand that I should not have considered this...

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AP Explains: Bolsonaro has jousted at virus fears…

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for months flirted with the new coronavirus as he disregarded social distancing at lively demonstrations and encouraged crowds during outings from the presidential residence, often without a mask

Astronomers Discover Rogue Stars In Milky Way

Astronomers have discovered about 250 rogue stars in the Milky Way.