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Popular Reality Show Host Found Dead After…

The former 'Love Island' presenter has died at the age of 40.

Man Rescued From Burning Car While 20 People Film…

Don't just record, save someone. That's the message hero Jim Angulo shared with the world.

'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Stuns With Answer

Longtime host Pat Sajak was baffled by a Florida teacher's improbable puzzle solve.

Unexplainable Radio Signals Detected From Outer…

The signals were discovered by a radio telescope designed for the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment.

Newman hospitalized after ghastly crash in…

Ryan Newman was involved in a ghastly crashed on the final lap of the Daytona 500

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Unusual Radio Signals Detected From Nearby Star

Astronomers recently detected unusual radio signals coming from a nearby red dwarf star and say they confirm “a star-planet interaction [that] has been predicted for over thirty-years.”

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NOAA: Dolphins Were Stabbed And Shot In Bizarre…

NOAA is seeking public's help in a disturbing case of animal cruelty.

6 Great Cocktails to Warm You up During Winter

6 Great Cocktails to Warm You up During Winter Many cocktails are often served with ice. A cold alcoholic drink is usually not what you're looking for in the winter season. To get through winter's worst days, here are some drinks you can make in your own kitchen: 1. "Hot Toddy" - Use whiskey, honey, lemon juice and boiling water for this beverage. 2. "Hot Penicillin" - A Scotch-based cocktail that can be served warm and uses ginger, lemon and honey. 3. "Tom and Jerry" - For this drink, add warm milk and either bourbon, rum or brandy to eggnog. 4. "Hot Buttered Rum" - Mix a lump of butter with hot water, sugar and rum to experience this drink. 5. "Mulled Wine" - Combine red wine with sugar, spices and citrus fruits. 6. "Irish Coffee" - Besides whiskey and coffee, this classic can also include syrup and cream floats.

Team Dumps Veteran NFL QB, But He's Not Done Yet

Philip Rivers isn't ready to call it a career after 16 seasons, but the Chargers don't want him back.

Commissioner Hears From Players After Diminishing…

Facing an uprising over his handling of baseball's cheating scandal, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred didn't help himself when he referred to the World Series trophy as a " piece of metal " in an interview. "I don't know if the commissioner has ever won anything in his life,” the Dodgers' Justin Turner...

White House Still Fretting About John Bolton's…

John Bolton is due make his first public speech since the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump wrapped up. This, even as his lawyers continue to wrangle with the White House over the contents of his highly anticipated book. The administration has argued much of the book can't be published due to the sensitivity of the content. Bolton is a former National Security Adviser under the Trump Administration. According to CNN, Bolton's views of the President's policies toward Ukraine were cited by multiple impeachment witnesses. Bolton's unpublished manuscript alleges Trump told him to help get damaging information on Democrats from Ukraine. Bolton has yet to publicly comment about the events that unfolded last year.

The Pope's Salary Might Surprise You

Being the Pope is very high profile and important job, but have you ever wondered how much it pays?

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Apple Says iPhone Production, Sales Are Down Due…

The company said it won't meet the revenue guidance it released last month because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

NYPD Officers 'Declare War' On The Mayor After…

A New York City police union blamed the shootings of two officers over the weekend on Bill de Blasio.

Snow blankets Minnesota

In St. Cloud, Foreston, and Victoria, Minnesota, heavy snow is falling, causing low visibility on Feb. 17.

Beaten-Down Pitcher Sues Astros For Cheating

Bolsinger was trying to hold onto his roster spot with the Jays when the Astros blew him up. Now he wants payback.

The Call Of The Wild: Will You Answer The Call…

Trailer for 'The Call of the Wild' starring Karen Gillan, Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Bradley Whitford, Jean Louisa Kelly

Airlines Trace Movements of Couple With…

Two airlines and health officials are trying to piece together the movements of a couple from Japan who came down with the coronavirus after a trip to Hawaii. The couple, who are in their 60s, arrived in Hawaii on Jan. 28, USA Today reports. The husband and wife flew Hawaiian...

Postal Worker Caught Hoarding Mail In Bizarre Case

One mailman had more mail than he could deliver, but he didn't want to throw it out.

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Child Star Who Stole Hearts In 'Nanny McPhee…

The former actor turned activist 'died doing what he loved,' according to a family statement.

Beloved Actor-Comedian Killed In Tragic Accident

The 91-year-old actor was reportedly struck by multiple cars in Los Angeles.

Democrats Have Found Someone They Want To Attack…

Democratic presidential candidates hoping to revive their flagging campaigns are increasingly taking aim at one man.