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EPA Issues Big Announcement About Lysol Sprays

The agency tested Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist against COVID-19.

Woman Goes On A Run, Finds Decomposing Human Head

A woman's morning run turned horrifying when she stumbled upon a decomposing human head.

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President Called COVID-19 A Hoax. Now He's Tested…

The shocking news comes after months of downplaying the virus' severity.

6 Years After 43 Students Disappeared, Big News

On Sept. 26, 2014, 43 undergraduate students disappeared, apparently abducted by local police.

NFL Star Sorry For Anti-Semitic 'Hitler Quote'

The longtime NFL star has apologized for sharing a deeply anti-Semitic quote that he thought was from Adolf Hitler.

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One Asymptomatic Carrier Rode An Elevator Alone…

Here is a blatant example of how symptomatic carriers make the coronavirus even more dangerous.

Things You Need To Stock Up On Now That…

With another rush on essentials looming, here are 5 things you'd be wise to load up on.

Kanye: 'I Am Taking the Red Hat Off'

Kanye West still has some work to do if he's serious about making a 2020 run for the White House, but he managed to carve out "four rambling hours" to talk to Forbes on Tuesday on his run under the "Birthday Party" banner—"because when we win, it's everybody’s birthday....

Germany laments US exit from WHO, says EU seeks…

Germany’s health minister lamented the formal U_S_ notification it’s withdrawing from the World Health Organization as a “setback for international cooperation.”

This cone snail is a fish's worst nightmare

Nearly a century after insulin was discovered, an international team of researchers including University of Utah Health scientists report that they have developed the world's smallest, fully functional version of the hormone, one that combines the potency of human insulin with the fast-acting potential of a venom insulin produced by predatory cone snails. The finding, based on animal studies, could jumpstart the development of insulin treatments capable of improving the lives of those with diabetes.

Kanye West to Trademark 'West Day Ever' Slogan

Kanye West to Trademark 'West Day Ever' Slogan The rapper and fashion mogul has put in a request to protect the new catchphrase for use on more than 100 different types of apparel. Types of apparel include t-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, bomber jackets, turtlenecks, jumpsuits, g-strings, beanies, blazers, infant wear and footwear. According to TMZ, West filed the trademark documents on June 26, which was the same day he used the slogan when announcing his 10-year brand deal with Gap. The collaboration with the retail giant is called Yeezy Gap.

Victim Won't Cooperate in Case Against Amy Cooper

Amy Cooper may be charged with filing a false police report as a result of his video, but Christian Cooper is not necessarily on board. The member of the New York City Audubon Society board of directors again suggests the white woman who called police on May 25 to report...

The US Has More Than 3 Million Coronavirus Cases

The coronavirus pandemic is surging and continues to ravage the country. Over the past few days, the number of infected people has soared to record numbers. Hospitals all over the U.S. are being pushed to maximum capacity and seeing critical shortages of supplies. According to CNN, dozens of intensive care units at Florida hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. With the number of daily hospitalizations rising, critical resources including beds, and ventilators are in short supply. The United States has now recorded over 3 million cases of COVID-19.

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Chief Justice John Roberts Briefly Hospitalized…

A Supreme Court spokesperson said Roberts suffered a forehead injury when he fell during a walk near his home last month.

Sky turns fiery red after thunderstorm

As the sun set, the skies over Glendive, Montana, turned fiery red on July 7, after a thunderstorm struck the area.

The Claudia Kishi Club

Trailer for 'The Claudia Kishi Club'

City Named for Andrew Jackson Will Remove His…

Jackson, Miss., has voted to remove a statue of namesake Andrew Jackson from City Hall. City council approved the relocation of the former slave-owning president's statue in a 5-1 vote on Tuesday, reports the Washington Post . "While removing a statue does little to change our condition as oppressed people, we...

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Carlson Does a 180, Blasts Masks as 'Bizarre…

A lot can change in three months. For Tucker Carlson, that change has come in the form of a big reversal on coronavirus safety measures. In a segment Tuesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight , the Fox News host was discussing the topic of schools reopening amid the pandemic, rueing the fact...

Renters face financial cliff ahead; limited help…

Renters are nearing the end of their financial rope as the assistance and protections given to them during the pandemic run their course

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People talk like birds in this Turkish town

Whistled Turkish is exactly what it sounds like: Turkish that has been adapted into a series of whistles. This method of communicating was popular in the old days, before the advent of telephones, in small villages in Turkey as a means for long-distance communication. In comparison to spoken Turkish, whistled Turkish carries much farther. While whistled-Turkish speakers use "normal" Turkish at close range, they switch to the whistled form when at a distance.

Demi Lovato Once Lost Her Joy for Music

Demi Lovato Once Lost Her Joy for Music Lovato confessed she went through a period where she felt "miserable" about her career because of all the pressures in the showbiz world. She lost her "joy" for music because of the "hustle of the music industry." Now, she wants to make sure her music career just focuses on her music and message rather than the way she looks. Demi Lovato, to Bustle Demi Lovato, to Bustle