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Golf Coverage Prompts New Trump Attacks

President Trump launched another series of attacks on Joe Biden on Monday in defense of his golfing twice in Virginia over the holiday weekend.

Illnesses Continue To Rise At Meat Plants

The Washington Post and the New York Times have front-page stories Tuesday on the nation's meat plant.

Minority Activists Issue Threat To Joe Biden

One candidate has many qualities Joe Biden is looking for in a running mate, but activists say no way.

6-Year-Old Makes Unbelievable Discovery

A six-year-old boy found an object that dates back to the late Bronze Age at Israel’s Tell Jemmeh archaeological site.

Another 'Miracle Drug' For Coronavirus Doesn't…

While people are waiting for a cure-all to get back to their lives, potential miracle drugs aren't measuring up yet.

Brazil Now Has World's Highest Daily Virus Death…

Brazil now has the second worst coronavirus outbreak in the world, according to official figures—and unlike the US, which has the world's worst outbreak, the daily death toll is rising. Reuters reports that on Monday, Brazilian COVID-19 deaths rose above the US daily toll for the first time, with...

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Watchdog who found hospital shortages unfazed by…

The author of a federal report that found U.S. hospitals faced severe shortages of coronavirus test supplies says she is not intimidated by criticism from President Donald Trump

WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany: 'Bit…

The White House held a briefing.

Americans Say They Are Gaining the 'Quarantine 15'

Americans Say They Are Gaining the 'Quarantine 15' Isolation is causing many to put on weight. Reality star Kim Kardashian even admitted that she's gained a "few pounds" while staying inside. Kim Kardashian, via YouTube According to 'USA Today,' American Heart Association and Mayo Clinic dietitians have confirmed the link between quarantine and gaining weight. In new polls conducted by WebMD, a four to six-pound gain was reported by 34 percent of participants. Among the causes are lack of exercise at the gym, boredom and anxiety. Dietitian Carli Liguori, via 'USA Today' Liguori adds that most are probably packing on three to five additional pounds. Dietitian Carli Liguori, via 'USA Today' Registered pediatric dietitian Susan Wilson says being at home all the time has affected people's eating patterns. She adds that it is a positive sign people are cooking more since its a healthier option than restaurant food. Americans are also receiving praise from dietitians for meal and snack preparation.

In Denmark, Some Weird News for the Lovelorn

Love, pandemic-style: Denmark will start allowing people from neighboring nations to cross the border to visit their boyfriends or girlfriends. One weird catch: At the border, they essentially have to prove their love. "They can bring along a photo or a love letter," a police official told Danish broadcaster DR,...

Ilhan Omar Back Tracks On Biden

According to ABC News Rep. Ilhan Omar will still support Joe Biden for the presidency. Omar also thinks it is important to believe survivors of sexual assault. That includes Tara Reade, the woman who has leveled allegations against the former vice president. In an interview with the Sunday Times of London Omar said she believed Reade's accusations against Biden. Omar said if it were up to her, Biden wouldn’t be the presidential candidate. Now, it appears Omar is back tracking. Omar clarified the remarks on "Good Morning America." Omar said she did not take a firm stance on whether she still believes all aspects of Reade's allegations. She said she would vote for Biden and do everything she could to help him defeat Donald Trump in November.

New Pixar Short Has First Gay Lead Character

The 10-minute short "Out" came out Friday on Disney+.

Nursing home sets up "bubble tent" for visitors

A nursing home in Bourbourg, France, sets up a "bubble tent" to protect against COVID-19 during family visits on May 26. Talk about "living in a bubble."

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Watchdog in Trump's Sights Resigns Post

One of the government watchdogs recently stripped of authority by President Trump is leaving his job entirely. Glenn Fine is resigning his post as deputy inspector general of the Pentagon, reports CNN . Fine was in the news last month , though not for his Pentagon work. He had been placed in...

Mike Tyson Offered 8 Figures to Get Back in Ring

It's been 15 years since Mike Tyson publicly stepped in the ring. He's now being offered more than $1 million for each year he's been away to fight just one more time. MMA Fighting reports that Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship made quite the offer to the 53-year-old in early May:...

DeVos defends policy boosting virus aid for…

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is pushing ahead with a policy that will steer tens of millions of dollars in federal coronavirus relief to private primary schools and secondary schools across the nation

Pence’s Press Secretary Returns To Work After…

Katie Miller, the press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence, announced on Tuesday that she has recovered from coronavirus and has returned to her job.

Grimes and Elon Musk Change Their New Baby’s Name

Grimes and Elon Musk Change Their New Baby’s Name In early May, Elon Musk and Grimes announced that their newly born boy’s name was X Æ A-12. Grimes, via Twitter The unusual name made the internet go ballistic, with many questioning whether it was even a legal name. Turns out it wasn’t legal, as it contains the character “Æ” and the number “12.” Under California law, official names can only be spelled using hyphens, apostrophes and the 26 letters of the English alphabet. In order to comply with the law, the pair have reportedly changed their son’s name to X Æ A-Xii. News of the name change appeared on Instagram after Grimes responded to a fan asking about her son’s new name. While the new name now spells out “12” in Roman lettering, it is still seemingly invalid, as they did not change their use of "Æ.”

Widower of Scarborough Aide Asks Twitter to Act…

The widower of a former congressional staffer of Joe Scarborough has gone directly to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey with a plea: Delete President Trump's conspiracy theories suggesting that Scarborough killed his wife. Trump has been pushing the idea hard of late that Scarborough, now at MSNBC, played a role in...

World Health Organization Halts Trials Of…

The World Health Organization announced they are temporarily suspending clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine. The controversial drug has been used as an experimental coronavirus treatment for the past several months. Now, amid mounting safety concerns experts are ending all clinical trials involving the medication. According to Gizmodo, testing for hydroxychloroquine has been halted pending a safety assessment. A recent study has linked the drug to an increased risk of death and heart conditions among COVID-19 patients. U.S. President Donald Trump announced last week that he has been taking the drug for nearly 2 weeks as a preventative. There is no data that supports Hydroxychloroquine is a preventive medication for COVID-19.

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Missouri Officials Call For Lake Of The Ozarks…

Images of a crowded pool party went viral, prompting calls for self-quarantine.

Tropical disturbance to bring flood risk

Bernie Rayno explains what atmospheric factors will inhibit development of a tropical system that has been drenching Florida.