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Massive Earthquake Rips Through Popular Tourist…

Powerful magnitude 7.7 earthquake has struck south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica.

Romney's Impeachment Statement Has Republicans…

Can Romney put together the magic number needed to make big change to impeachment's course?

How Kobe Bryant's Death Is Impacting This Year's…

The outpouring of grief around Kobe Bryant’s death this weekend has caused some companies to rethink their advertising strategy.

Trump Launches Attack Against The 'Dumbest Man On…

The president retaliated against a popular CNN reporter for mocking his supporters during an on-air segment.

Man Charged With Killing 5 Of His Children

A man about to be released from a California prison has been arrested after new DNA evidence surfaced.

Key points in Trump's Mideast peace plan

The Mideast peace plan announced by President Donald Trump on Tuesday supports the Israeli position on nearly all of the most contentious issues in the decades-old conflict

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NTSB Releases Video From Kobe Bryant Crash Site

The NTSB has released a video from the crash site.

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These Are The 10 Most Powerful Countries Of 2020

These are the countries wielding the most influence as the Trump era unfolds.

More Americans Went to the Library Than the Movie…

More Americans Went to the Library Than the Movie Theater in 2019 Among adults in Gallup's December 2019 poll, there was a reported average of 10.5 trips to a library last year. Heading to the movie theater was second on the list at 5.3 average trips. Rounding out the top 5 was sporting events at 4.7 and live music trips with 3.8. Taking in a national/historical park was fifth on the list at 3.7 trips. For library visits among genders, the poll adds women went to them nearly twice as much. Men are more likely to choose a sports event, a national park or casino. Gallup also shows that library visits were recorded more for those in low-income households. This is most likely because going to the library is free and provides access to a computer and the internet.

Harvard's Chemistry Chair Accused of Lying About…

There's another big story out that mentions Wuhan—just one not related to the coronavirus. The chair of Harvard's chemistry department was on Tuesday charged with making false statements to the Department of Defense regarding his role in China's Thousand Talents Plan. Bloomberg explains that it and other government-run plans...

How The Coronavirus Could Make The Airline…

United Airlines said Tuesday it was canceling a total of 24 flights to and from China. The news comes as the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak leads to plummeting demand. The coronavirus originated last month. It has infected more than 4,600 people and killed at least 107. According to Business Insider, the US Department of State issued a travel warning on China. It upgraded its alert to level three, or "reconsider travel.

NFL And 15 Teams' Twitter Accounts Hacked

OurMine calls itself a "white-hat" group, meaning it hacks in order to test cybersecurity and to promote its services.

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Buildings in Miami evacuated after earthquake…

Businesses in Miami, Florida, have been evacuated on Jan. 28, in wake of an earthquake that shook off the coast of Jamaica triggering concerns of a tsunami.

The Call Of The Wild: Legend (TV Spot)

Trailer for 'The Call of the Wild' starring Karen Gillan, Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Bradley Whitford, Jean Louisa Kelly

Trump Team Wraps Up Its Impeachment Argument

The arguments in President Trump's impeachment trial are over, even as the debate on whether John Bolton should be called as a witness rages on. Trump's defense team wrapped up its three days of arguments Tuesday; next up, senators will be allowed to ask the House managers and Trump's legal...

At Harvey Weinstein’s trial, a big role for oth…

Harvey Weinstein is charged in sexual attacks on two women, but New York City prosecutors are having four more testify about alleged misconduct as part of an effort to portray him as a serial offender

Rescued Green Turtle Pooped Human Plastic Trash

A rescued green turtle poops human plastic waste.

Nike Suspends Sale of Kobe Bryant Products

Nike Suspends Sale of Kobe Bryant Products All Kobe-related items have been removed from the online store. A search for Bryant products results in a statement from the company. Nike, via statement Nike, via statement Nike, via statement Nike is still deciding what its strategy will be for releasing Bryant's signature shoe series, as the company wants to limit the sale of the shoe line on the secondary market. The Nike Kobe signature series have already been worn by more than 100 NBA players this season. Several players wore Bryant's sneakers on Sunday and wrote messages on them in tribute.

Harry, Meghan 'Shocked' Over One Thing in Megxit

Financial independence? Check. No HRH titles? Check. No roles as Commonwealth Young Ambassadors? That, sources tell TMZ , was tough for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to take as they left the royal family for Canada earlier this month. But it seems the Queen drew a line in the sand during...

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FDA To Purell: Stop Claiming Hand Sanitizer Can…

The Food and Drug Administration has sent a letter of warning to Gojo Industries, Purell's parent company. The letter tells the company to stop claiming that its hand sanitizer can prevent diseases like Ebola and MRSA. The letter said the company had no evidence to support various claims made on Purell marketing materials. Purell claimed it "kills more than 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness in a healthcare setting, including MRSA & VRE." It also claimed to reduce student absent days by 51%. According to Business Insider, Gojo said it will remove the misleading language from its website. The CDC officially recommends people wash their hands with Purell only if soap and water are not available.

The U.S. Still Isn't Sure How Coronavirus Spreads

U.S. & Chinese officials haven't agreed whether the virus spreads before or after a patient shows symptoms.