Face masks to bobbleheads: All things RBG…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is gone but far from forgotten

COVID-19: The Politicization Of A Vaccine

With an electorate desperate for a silver bullet to end the crisis, the President has used the creation of a COVID vaccine before Election Day as his trump card. With politicians of all stripes using the vaccine as a political weapon we examine what this will mean for a vaccine once one is approved. Dr. Jason Rao, a senior lecturer at Cornell University weighs in.

Winning numbers drawn in 'Badger 5' game

YouTube Vows to Ban Misleading Claims About COVID…

YouTube Vows to Ban Misleading Claims About COVID-19 Vaccines. The video-sharing platform has announced a new effort to crackdown on COVID-19 misinformation, . warning it will ban any clips that contradict expert advice from local health authorities. A COVID-19 vaccine may be imminent, therefore we're ensuring we have the right policies in place to be able to remove [related] misinformation, YouTube, via statement. According to YouTube, it has already removed 200,000 dangerous or misleading videos about coronavirus. Similarly, Facebook has announced plans to ban ads that discourage people from getting vaccinated

A plethora of pandemic gifts available this…

From masks and fresh reads to outdoor gear and Christmas tree ornaments, the pandemic has inspired a slew of holiday gifts for all

The Things We Miss About Going To The Movies

COVID restrictions have caused many businesses to shut down, including movie theaters.

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Winning numbers drawn in 'Lotto' game

Microsoft Hires Another Naughty Dog Developer for…

Microsoft Hires Another Naughty Dog Developer for the Initiative. The gaming giant has added a new member to the team for its Xbox studio with Lauren Garcia. Garcia, who worked as character shading technical director on 'The Last of Us: Part II,'. is joining as senior shader technologies developer. So happy to announce that this week I joined at The Initiative. This is an incredible team working on something truly special, Lauren Garcia, via Twitter . It was so hard to left behind my friends at NaughtyDog. But I need to say thank you to @Xbox @XboxP3 to allow me be part of Xbox family!

Veteran TV executive Channing Dungey jumps to…

Veteran TV industry executive Channing Dungey will be taking over as chairman of the Warner Bros

Why Vaccines Are Not The Whole Answer In COVID

Testing for COVID may not be the answer when it comes to managing the virus.

David Cage Thinks the Xbox Series S Will Be…

David Cage Thinks the Xbox Series S Will Be ‘Confusing’. Microsoft previously announced that in addition to the Xbox Series X, . they will also be releasing another next-gen console, the Xbox Series S. It will be a cheaper and lower-spec version of the Xbox Series X. While some gamers thought this was a great idea, it seems David Cage isn’t a fan. The Quantic Dream CEO is known for directing cinematic games like ‘Heavy Rain, ‘Beyond Two Souls’ and ‘Detroit: Become Human.’ . Cage thinks that “most developers will focus on the lower-end version to avoid doing two different versions”. Many developers prefer consoles to PC because on consoles you only have to deal with one hardware, whereas on PC there are so many configurations, graphic cards, drivers, controllers. , David Cage, to WCCFTech. When a manufacturer offers two consoles with different specs, there is a strong chance that most developers will focus on the lower-end version to avoid doing two different versions, David Cage, to WCCFTech. He also added that he thinks that this will be “confusing” for both developers and players. I think it is confusing for developers, but also for players, and although I can understand the commercial reasons behind this choice I think the situation is questionable, David Cage, to WCCFTech

6 Russian military officers charged in vast…

The Justice Department has announced charges against Russian intelligence officers in a string of global cyberattacks that targeted a French presidential election, the Winter Olympics in South Korea and American businesses

Pennsylvania: What's at stake

PENNSYLVANIA: WHAT'S AT STAKE?As part of our series on 'the big three: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan' we speak voters and activists on the ground in Pennsylvania about who they are supporting. We examine some of the issues at play in this crucial swing state. We speak to union presidents: Rick Bloomingdale (PA AFL-CIO) and Warren Young IV of UFCW Local 1776. Lawrence Tabas, Chairman of the GOP in Pennsylvania weighs in on why he thinks the President will win the state and finally Holly Manzone, a West Chester voter tells us how she's voting and why.

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Apple Unveils 5G-Capable iPhone 12 Models

Apple Unveils 5G-Capable iPhone 12 Models. On Tuesday during their “Hi, Speed” live-streaming event, Apple launched the long-awaited iPhone 12 lineup. Four different models were unveiled: the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Max. . Apple CEO Tim Cook, who hosted the event, confirmed that all the iPhone 12 models would be 5G-capable. . The next generation is here. Today is the beginning of a new era for iPhone … This is a huge moment for all of us and we’re really excited, Tim Cook, via ABC News. Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg made an appearance at the event and declared that “5G just got real.” . He confirmed that Verizon was officially rolling out its nationwide 5G network. The network is expected to cover over 200 million people in 1,800 towns and cities. He also said that they’re expanding their fast 5G Ultra Wideband service. 66 cities are expected to be covered by the end of 2020.

Gifty new and unusual pandemic-proof games for…

The pandemic has proven there’s no shortage of games to keep families, couples and kids amused

Sony 'Scales Back PlayStation Store on Web and…

Sony 'Scales Back PlayStation Store on Web and Mobile'. The tech giant is said to be updating the PlayStation Store. . This is in order to move older products like the PS3, PS Vita and PSP out of the spotlight. In the coming weeks, Sony is planning to get rid of a number of product categories. . This includes some of the older PlayStation consoles from its platforms, according to the website Planete Vita. The website claims to have seen a message sent by Sony Interactive Entertainment about the planned changes. The report says that the changes are set to come into effect on October 19th on the web, . while they'll be implemented through the mobile app on October 28th

Report showing gains in bank access overshadowed…

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said Monday more Americans than ever obtained a basic bank account in 2019

Facebook Explicitly Bans All Holocaust Denial…

Facebook Explicitly Bans All Holocaust Denial Content. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has officially decided to ban “any content that denies or distorts the Holocaust.”. In a post to Facebook, Zuckerberg said that although he’s “struggled with the tension” surrounding free speech, his “own thinking has evolved.” . My own thinking has evolved as I've seen data showing an increase in anti-Semitic violence, as have our wider policies on hate speech, Mark Zuckerberg, via Facebook. He now believes that having a zero-tolerance policy for Holocaust denial content is “the right balance.” . Drawing the right lines between what is and isn't acceptable speech isn't straightforward, but with the current state of the world, I believe this is the right balance, Mark Zuckerberg, via Facebook. The new policy is a reversal from Zuckerberg’s previous stance, which he spoke about two years ago. . Although he found them to be “deeply offensive,” Zuckerberg believed that people’s Holocaust denial posts shouldn’t be automatically taken down. . I think there are things that different people get wrong. I don't think that they're intentionally getting it wrong, Mark Zuckerberg, via Facebook

Pandemic air travel milestone; 1 million…

The number of passengers screened for flights in the U.S. topped one million in a day for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak last March, but it’s still about 60% fewer air travelers than this time last year

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‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ Is Now Free on Steam

‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ Is Now Free on Steam. The Sega title was originally released in 1992. . It has been available for purchase on Steam since 2011. A special offer will now allow fans to get the game for free if they act quickly. All gamers have to do is click the "add to account" option when viewing the title on the platform before 1 pm ET on October 19th. It will then be added to their Steam account for free. Several other 'Sonic' games have also been added to Steam at reduced prices

EU to link national COVID-19 tracing apps together

The European Commission said the EU-wide system devised to link national COVID-19 tracing apps was launched Monday in its latest effort to slow down the coronavirus pandemic and to salvage freedom of movement across the bloc