Europe sees more signs of hope as Italy's virus…

Europe is seeing further signs of hope in the coronavirus outbreak as Italy’s daily death toll was at its lowest in more than two weeks and its infection curve was finally on a downward slope

Urban Dogs More Fearful Than Country Dogs

A Finnish study found that urban raised dogs are more fearful than dogs raised in the country.

Sprint and T-Mobile Complete $30 Billion Merger

Sprint and T-Mobile Complete $30 Billion Merger The nation's third and fourth-largest wireless carriers have finally united after a long process to become more competitive. With more than 100 million users, the newly-formed company has the base to challenge other mobile giants such as AT&T and Verizon. As part of the deal, T-Mobile's longtime CEO, John Legere, stepped down from his post, and COO Mike Sievert will take over in May 2020. The company will make use of the added infrastructure from Sprint to develop and deploy 5G service to its customers. As part of the deal, those on Sprint's prepaid brand, Boost, will be going to Dish as part of a divestiture T-Mobile agreed to with the Justice Department.

Chaos and scrambling in the US oil patch as…

The global economic crisis caused by coronavirus has devastated the oil industry in the U.S., which pumps more crude than any other country

T-Mobile & Sprint Merger

T-Mobile and Sprint have finally merged after two years of roadblocks

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Tips for a Stable and Faster Internet Connection

Tips for a Stable and Faster Internet Connection As millions of people self-isolate to help flatten the curve of COVID-19, internet usage has surged, causing strain on connections. As a result, YouTube even announced plans to reduce video quality over the course of a month to better handle the high demand. Here are some tips to make your connection more stable during the coronavirus pandemic: 1. Make sure your router is connected properly and placed in an ideal area. Keep it away from TVs, cordless phones and stereos. 2. Don't use your microwave. According to U.K. telecoms regulator Ofcom, using your microwave can interfere with Wi-Fi signals. 3. Disconnect other devices from the Wi-Fi when you're not using them. They can use the internet in the background even when you're not using them, causing your connection to slow down. 4. Connect your computer to your router via Ethernet. Connecting your computer directly to the router provides better internet speeds than Wi-Fi.

Grocery workers are key during the virus. And…

Grocery workers across the globe are working the frontlines during lockdowns meant to keep the coronavirus from spreading

High Iron Foods Make Healthy Skin & Hair

Nutritionists advise people who want to have healthy skin and hair to incorporate more iron into their diets.

Most People Think Technology Is Moving Too Fast…

Most People Think Technology Is Moving Too Fast, Survey Says According to a survey conducted by American public relations and marketing consultancy firm Edelman, 60 percent think technology is evolving too rapidly. They also believe that due to governments not fully having a grasp on it, regulations are not formally being placed. Over 34,000 people worldwide were used in the communications firm's report. The analysis from Edelman adds that global trust in technology has dropped four percent. In the United States, the decrease is seven percent. Edelman says trust has fallen in 21 out of 26 global markets. 66 percent worry that technology will eventually make them even question their own senses. Edelman's Sanjay Nair, via statement

Seafood industry struggling to stay afloat amid…

The seafood industry has been upended by the spread of the coronavirus, which has halted restaurant sales and sent fishermen and dealers scrambling for new markets

Creative Ways to Get Your Steps In

While quarantined at homes you must get creative how you workout without any gym equipment.

Alert over surge in virus-linked scams

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Billionaire Warren Buffett Ditches His Flip Phone…

Billionaire Warren Buffett Ditches His Flip Phone for an iPhone The 89-year-old investor was previously known for his usage of the older device. Buffett, who recently used a Samsung Haven, says his flip phone is "permanently gone." He now has an iPhone 11, which makes sense considering his 5.6 percent ownership of Apple stock. The iPhone is not his only Apple device. He also has an iPad for checking stocks. Talking with CNBC, Buffett says his iPhone is one of many people have given to him. Smartphones are able to do many things, but Buffett adds he is only using it for phone calls.

No COVID-19 testing at home yet but quicker…

Home testing for the new coronavirus may sound like a good idea, but U.S. regulators say it’s still too risky

Zoom Issues Exposed

Zoom and other video conferencing platforms have been the targets of hackers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Twitter Update Lets You Populate Old Threads With…

Twitter Update Lets You Populate Old Threads With New Tweets The update is called "continue thread," and it is available on Twitter's iOS app. Only some users have access for now, and Twitter has not revealed when everyone will get it. To use "continue thread," a composition window becomes available when you write out a new tweet. This window lets you see old tweets and threads, allowing you to pick which one to link with the new message. In the older tweet, "continue thread" is an option in the three dots menu. Once clicked, your latest tweet merges with the past thread.

U.S. 'wasted' months before preparing for virus…

The first alarms sounded in early January that the outbreak of a novel coronavirus in China would ignite a global pandemic

Vitamin B3 Could Fight Brain Cancer

Researchers have found that vitamin B3 might be able to help fight brain cancer.

Stadia Is Coming to More Android Devices

Stadia Is Coming to More Android Devices The tech giant has confirmed its game streaming service will be available on a range of Android devices following the Feb. 20 update. The company revealed that “in addition to the Pixel family, Stadia will now support phones from Samsung, ASUS, and Razer.” A WiFi connection is required, while Google reiterated Stadia can also be used on tablets, desktops, laptops and on TVs through Google Chromecast Ultra. Google’s vice president, Phil Harrison, recently confirmed the company is planning a free tier edition of Stadia later this year. Phil Harrison, via statement

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German restaurant takes novel approach to keep…

Thomas Metzmacher was faced with having to shut down his Frankfurt restaurant specializing in a traditional tart hard cider due to German regulations prohibiting groups of people from gathering amid the coronavirus pandemic

Restaurants Face Historic Downturn_Digital

With local governments around the country forcing the closure of dining in restaurants, the industry is facing a disastrous decline in revenue. We talk to Linda Marini, owner of Da Claudio restaurant based in New York's financial district about how her and her husband Claudio are keeping their business afloat in these testing times.