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Cops Break Up Huge Party at Jersey Shore House

Newser — Rob Quinn

Snooki and the gang moved out a long time ago, but the antics haven't ended at the Seaside Heights, NJ, house featured in Jersey Shore. Authorities say YouTube pranksters the Nelk Boys hosted a website launch party at the house Monday that attracted hundreds of people, breaching the state's coronavirus regulations.

"There was not an actual count but there was an estimate by our police department of about a thousand young people," Mayor Anthony Vaz tells the New York Daily News.

Video shared on Instagram shows a tightly packed crowd outside the house. Under NJ's regulations, outdoor gatherings are limited to 500 people and social distancing is required.

Police broke up the gathering around 9pm and arrested several people for disorderly conduct. Daniel Merk, the man who rented the house to the Nelk Boys, tells NBC that the YouTubers said the house was only going to be used for a small gathering.

"I was not prepared for this, the town was not prepared for this," says Merk, who could be fined or lose his rental license. "There's definitely going to be ramifications from this," he says.

"I'm definitely going to be in trouble for this." The mayor says there will be "consequences" and he plans to hold the Nelk Boys financially responsible for the cost of the police response.

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