Prosecutor drops charges against handcuffed…

A Tennessee prosecutor says authorities have dismissed charges stemming from the arrest of a black man who was beaten by a white officer while handcuffed earlier this month

Man Fools Package Thieves With Farting Glitter…

Mark Rober felt violated when a package was stolen off his doorstep a few months back, so he decided to get revenge—in a big way. Rober, an engineer who has worked on NASA's Curiosity Rover, joined forces with a friend who makes custom circuit boards to create a high-tech...

10 Things to Know for Today

Among 10 Things to Know: Criminal justice reform, the border wall thaw, Yemen's child fighters

Texas teen gets 12 years in prison for stabbing classmate

A former high school student has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for cutting the throat of a classmate at a Fort Worth high school

Don't Get 'Scrooged' by This Holiday Dating Trend

Always remember that the holidays are about more than just fancy presents. Buzz60's Tony Spitz has the details.

Poll: Russians increasingly nostalgic for USSR

An opinion survey has shown that two thirds of Russians regret the collapse of the Soviet Union

Police: Attentive student stops school shooting plot

Police say an attentive student helped foil an alleged school shooting plot at a Vermont middle school

Migrant workers look back at China's economic boom

When Japanese recruiters plucked Liu Xueqin from her provincial hometown 33 years ago to work in an electronics factory in Shenzhen, she was happy to get a well-paid job and unaware of the small role she would play in China’s dramatic economic rise. Samantha Vadas reports.

The Latest: Markets edge up as investors eye Fed…

Stock markets are up slightly as investors look ahead of an expected rate hike by the Federal Reserve.

NYT: Facebook Gave Microsoft And Netflix Access…

The New York Times says Facebook had a deal with Netflix and Spotify that allowed them to read users' private messages.

Florida's US Sen. Marco Rubio seeks pardon for…

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio is calling on Florida officials to formally pardon four young African-American men who were wrongly accused of raping a white woman nearly 70 years ago

Hunter Kills Bear Who Survived Wildfire Burns

A sad end to the life of a famous bear: Cinder, a female bear whose story captured the nation's attention after she survived a 2014 wildfire with severe burns, has been shot to death near her den in Washington state, KOMO News reports. As a cub in 2014, she was...

Settlement requires 'anti-hate training' for…

An internet troll who harassed a black college student with racist messages on social media has agreed to a court settlement requiring him to get "anti-hate training," apologize in writing and on video and publicly renounce white supremacy

Blind Michigan Woman Is Missing in Peru

A legally blind Michigan woman who wanted to see the world before completely losing her vision has been missing in Peru for a week, and family members are extremely concerned. Carla Valpeoz, a 35-year-old social worker from Detroit, visited the country with a friend for a wedding and was supposed...

The Stunning 2019 Shark Calendar Worth Over…

Ever thought about making your shark week, your shark YEAR?! Buzz60's Mercer Morrison has the story.

Israeli leader calls on UN to condemn Hezbollah over tunnels

Israel's prime minister is calling on the U.N. Security Council to condemn the "wanton acts of aggression" of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, designate it a terrorist organization and heighten sanctions on it

Maryland man exonerated of murder after 27 years in prison

Authorities say a Maryland man has spent nearly three decades in prison for a murder he didn't commit

SoftBank Corp suffers Japan debut drop after…

One of the world's biggest IPOs hits the market to an usually poor start in Japan, as shares for Softbank's mobile unit slumped more than 10 percent on debut. Grace Lee reports.