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Elon Musk says most cars lack the ‘soul’ that Tesla vehicles boast

BGR — Yoni Heisler

As opposed to most CEOs who singularly concern themselves with turning a profit, Elon Musk’s overarching strategy with Tesla was to revolutionize the transportation industry itself and motivate others to embrace electric vehicles.

Hardly a revelation, Musk in his first Master Plan — which was penned all the way back in 2006 — said the following: “The overarching purpose of Tesla Motors (and the reason I am funding the company) is to help expedite the move from a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy towards a solar electric economy, which I believe to be the primary, but not exclusive, sustainable solution.”

Flash forward 13 years and Musk’s plan has played out brilliantly. Despite some minor hiccups with production, Tesla successfully managed to parlay the success the company saw with the Model S and the Model X to help bankroll the mass-market Model 3. Along the way, traditional automakers saw the success Tesla was enjoying and altered their product roadmaps accordingly to include EV development, with Porsche’s upcoming Tacyan being a prime example.

With any number of EVs on the road today, there’s no denying that Tesla still has the EV market locked down. And while that may change in the future, Musk believes that Tesla has a leg-up on the competition because rival EVs simply lack “soul.”

Musk’s opinion on the matter came to light during a recent interview with Motor Trend where the Tesla CEO answered a question about Tesla’s seeming obsession with rolling out new Easter Eggs.

On a related note, Musk expressed some disappointment that it took traditional automakers so long to follow Tesla’s lead.

Per usual, Musk doesn’t pull any punches, and the interview is well worth reading in its entirety.

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