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Papa John's Kicks Founder Out of His Office

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One more punishment for Papa John's founder John Schnatter over his use of the n-word: He just got the boot from his office at company headquarters in Kentucky, reports CNBC.

Schnatter had previously resigned as chairman of the board—though he remains on the board in a lesser capacity and is still a large stakeholder—and been stripped of his role as the company's spokesman in advertising.

As a result, a newly formed special panel made up of board members decided that Schnatter no longer needed the office space, reports CBS News.

"Since Mr. Schnatter no longer has an active role with the management of company’s business, the special committee also approved and directed the company to terminate a sublease agreement granting Mr. Schnatter the right to use certain office space" at the Louisville headquarters, according to a company statement.

(Schnatter won't be seen on posters, either.)

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