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Erick Bengel: Scratch Pad: The Dining Page is on the menu

The Daily Astorian, Ore. — Erick Bengel The Daily Astorian, Ore.

Jan. 10--In the Jan. 10 issue, Coast Weekend launches the Dining Page. Watch page 12 for recipes, restaurant reviews, profiles of chefs and restaurateurs, previews of culinary events, stories on new businesses and local trends, and other foodie features.

Returning soon: The Mouth of the Columbia. While food and restaurant criticism will continue to be published under that banner, the byline will no longer be anonymous. In fact, there will likely be multiple "Mouths" opining on eateries on both sides of the river.

This week, Ryan Hume's intoxicating Columbia Bar, a column that pairs the local-drink lowdown with cocktail recipes, serves up a fancy little cider-kombucha number called "Wandering Mountain" from Astoria's Bridge & Tunnel Bottleshop & Taproom.


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