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‘Joker’ crew member shares fun behind-the-scenes info in impromptu Reddit AMA

BGR — Chris Smith

Joker, out in cinemas, is a divisive sensation you shouldn’t miss out on, especially if you’re into comic book films. But unlike other titles from the DC or Marvel universes, Joker also appeals to people who really don’t care about superheroes. Without spoiling any of it, the film offers a great look at one of fiction’s best-known villains. But it’s also a great story that doesn’t need a DCEU link, and that’s why the film doesn’t feature post-credits scenes.

And while Joker is a dark psychological thriller, not all Joker-related stories have to be as gloomy. Take, for example, the case of a real-life lighting technician from the movie who had to work with a full costume and wig for eight days and ended up being “right outside of frame in the final cut.” Mind you, very tiny spoilers might follow below, but they’re hard to detect out of context, so they shouldn’t ruin your own Joker viewing experience.

Redditor SilverbackBRC shared his story on Reddit so people could enjoy his ‘70s look that didn’t make it in the movie.

The crew member had to work in a full 1970s costume in some of the scenes of the movie in order to effectively blend in. Seeing a crew member in modern 2019 clothes would have been an embarrassing error, one that people would have eventually noticed. Those scenes involved a TV show, hence the need for a lighting technician, and those of you who have seen the film already know what scenes he may have appeared in.

The Reddit post turned quickly into an impromptu Ask Me Anything (AMA), with the Redditor happily answering other people’s questions. Unsurprisingly, he had a couple of silly anecdotes from the film, like the fact that Joaquin Phoenix gave everyone on the crew a special gift:

More hilariously, Silverback said that Phoenix, who played Arthur Fleck/Joker in the movie, improvised a lot for the scene where he was working in full costume. And there were so many takes that the Redditor learned every line from that scene by heart:

The full Reddit thread follows below, complete with a photo from the set:

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