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Wisconsin judge orders election commission to take more than 200,000 names off voter rolls

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Jan. 13--The names of more than 200,000 registered voters in Wisconsin -- a pivotal swing state -- will be removed from the books ASAP.

Judge Paul Malloy ordered the Badger State's election commission to obey an order to purge the voter registrations of Wisconsin residents who did not respond to an October mailing asking for address verification.

The bipartisan six-person election commission has so far disagreed on whether or not they should remove registered voters from the rolls. Malloy recognized that the issue was being appealed to higher courts, which he said would not stop him from ordering the deactivation of unconfirmed voters. Any removed from the list would still be able to re-register before the November election.

"I cannot be clearer on this," Malloy ruled. "They need to follow the order."

Wisconsin's Justice Department asked Malloy not to intervene, to no avail. He ruled all six members of the election commission in contempt for not having begun the process, which was ordered in late 2019. The three members who opposed the earlier ruling will be fined $250 for each day they fail to begin the process.

Every vote counted in the 2016 election where President Trump carried the 5.8 million person state by fewer than 23,000 votes.

Democrats argue that voters removed from the list may have favored their candidates and might also be too frustrated to register again. Republicans contend that they don't want people voting in a district where they no longer live.

The Supreme Court has not commented on a petition to consider the case if necessary.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, who won Wisconsin by fewer than 30,000 votes in 2018, called the purge "another attempt at overriding the will of the people and stifling the democratic process." He was preceded by two-term Republican governor Scott Walker.

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