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Biden Campaign: This Was Our Best Fundraising Hour

Newser — Rob Quinn

Joe Biden's campaign says the hour after he announced his choice of Kamala Harris for vice president was his best fundraising hour yet. At a virtual fundraising event Wednesday night, Biden said the campaign took in a total of $26 million in the 24 hours after the announcement, including donations from 150,000 first-time donors, Politico reports.

"It's really palpable, the excitement, because there's so much at stake," Biden said, per CNN. President Trump and the RNC raised $165 million in July, compared to $140 million for Biden and the DNC, though in terms of total cash on hand, Biden ended July just $6 million behind Trump at $294 million.

The Harris boost could help Biden close the gap in August.

Biden's lead over Trump was largely unchanged by the Harris pick, according to a Reuters poll, which found a 1-point increase to 8 points, within the poll's margin of error.

But she could help Biden expand his appeal: The poll found that Harris is more popular than Biden among groups including women, younger voters, and Republicans.

Some 25% of Republicans polled said they had a favorable view of Harris, compared to 20% for Biden. An ABC/Ipsos poll released Thursday found that some 35% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Harris and 31% view her unfavorably, giving her a net favorability rating of +4.

Biden scored a net rating of -3, while it was -14 for Mike Pence and -23 for Trump.

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