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Gretchen Carlson Urges Fox to Release Her From NDA

Newser — Rob Quinn

Gretchen Carlson says that three years after suing former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes for sexual harassment, she finds herself in a surreal situation: Her story has been turned into a movie and a TV mini-series, but she's banned from talking about her experiences.

"Three years ago, receiving a public apology from 21st Century Fox and retaining the right to speak about harassment generally felt like big wins," the former Fox host writes in a New York Times op-ed.

"And they were. But had I known my complaint would help ignite such a profound cultural shift and that I would be depicted onscreen, I would have also fought against signing the non-disclosure agreement, or NDA, that prevented me from discussing my experiences while working at Fox News."

Carlson, who is played by Nicole Kidman in new movie Bombshell, she was "essentially, forced into silence" by the NDA.

She says she can't discuss what happened to her in public or in private, consult with anybody telling her story, or "comment on the accuracy of a final product." She urges Fox to release her and "and all employees forced to sign NDAs as a condition of harassment settlements" from their agreements.

Carlson says she and Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky have launched a new nonprofit organization called Lift Our Voices to call for an end to the "harmful practice of mandatory NDAs" in cases of workplace sexual harassment and assault.

"I want my voice back," she writes. "I want it back for me, and for all those silenced by forced arbitration and NDAs." Click for the full piece.

(This week, another Fox host filed a sexual harassment suit.)

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