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He Lost His Wallet. Then He Noticed His Bank Account

Newser — Arden Dier

When Tim Cameron lost his wallet on the way home from work on Monday, the London resident assumed it was gone for good, particularly as it contained little identifying information.

Then he looked at his bank account. Enter an ingenious Good Samaritan by the name of Simon. As Mashable reports, Simon had found the wallet, then used information from Cameron's bank card to send four bank transfers of a pence, or penny, each.

With each transfer, he had the option to attach an 18-character memo.

And so, when Cameron checked his bank account not long after realizing his wallet was lost, he saw "HI. I FOUND YOUR," followed by "WALLET IN THE ROAD," a phone number, and "TEXT OR CALL!" Cameron called the number, then biked over to Simon's house to retrieve the wallet, Mashable notes.

A tweet recounting the good deed has received more than 140,000 likes, with people sharing similar tales of kind strangers returning lost items, per the Independent.

In a second tweet, Cameron said he'd yet to repay Simon "but I did buy him a bottle of red."

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