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Nevada Ditches the 'Pink Tax'

Newser — Evann Gastaldo

No more "pink tax" in Nevada: Voters on Tuesday amended the state's 1955 tax act to remove the sales and storage tax on menstrual products. Feminine hygiene products are already exempt from sales taxes in nine other states and the District of Columbia, and in an additional five states there is no sales tax at all.

The so-called "pink tax" has become a hot-button topic in recent years, with activists arguing that items such as tampons and sanitary napkins are a necessity, not a luxury.

But in Nevada, opponents argued that the loss of an estimated $4.96 million to $7.11 million in tax revenue would hurt local governments and school districts, CNN reports.

The change will take effect Jan. 1. (This pharmacy fought the pink tax with a 7% "man tax.")

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