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New Vaccine Candidate Is Getting High Praise

Newser — John Johnson

Another coronavirus vaccine candidate is advancing in clinical trials, and the New York Times coverage about it carries this notable quote from a virologist: "This is the first one I’m looking at and saying, 'Yeah, I’d take that." The quote is from John Moore of Weill Cornell Medicine, who has not been involved in any of the vaccine studies.

He is referring to the contender from the Maryland company Novavax, which just reported promising results in small-scale Phase 1 trials, reports CNN. The company says the vaccine produced "robust" antibodies in participants and no serious side effects.

A total of 131 people took part in the first phase, and the next step is a much larger study with thousands of participants.

Additionally, the company reported that the vaccine appeared to provide protection to a dozen monkeys that were dosed with it and then exposed to the virus.

Novavax, which has never brought a vaccine to market, is the third US company to show promising initial results, after Moderna and Pfizer. Worldwide, five vaccines have entered large-scale Phase 3 trials, per the Times.

Business Insider provides a reminder of the incentive to such companies—shares of Novavax rose more than 20% early Tuesday. (Anthony Fauci says it's possible the first vaccine could be available in the US before the end of the year, while Russia plans mass vaccinations in the fall.)

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