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Some Guy Ate the $120K Banana

Newser — Polly Davis Doig

On much of planet Earth, a banana costs about 39 cents a pound. But in Miami, where a banana will run you $120,000, you probably want to make sure you chow down before you're looking at some very pricey brown spots.

David Datuna, identified as a New York City-based performance artist, did just that Saturday afternoon at Galerie Perrotin, eating the banana duct-taped to the wall that artist Maurizio Cattelan made bank on.

But not to fear: "He did not destroy the art work. The banana is the idea," says Lucien Terras, director of museum relations. Ie, the value of the art is in the Certificate of Authenticity and not in the original peel.

The Miami Herald notes that while owners can replace the banana, "Instructions on how to replace the banana are not included." But the banana is proving very popular with visitors, says Terras.

"That banana has been more photographed than the Mona Lisa."

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