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1 in 5 US Educators Won't Go Back to Reopened Schools, Survey Says

1 in 5 US Educators Won't Go Back to Reopened Schools, Survey Says Poll results from 'USA TODAY/Ipsos' add that one in four teachers 55 and older say they won't return. The polls surveyed just over 500 teachers ranging from kindergarten through high school. 403 parents of school children from the same grade range participated as well. Ipsos president Cliff Young, via 'USA Today' 83 percent of educators also claim they're unable to properly do their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. That comes despite 86 percent of parents saying their kids have the necessary technology for digital learning. Middle school teacher J.W. White, who participated in the survey, is concerned about how school systems will adapt post-coronavirus. J.W. White, via 'USA Today' Other poll results add that a majority of parents support extending the school year, but teachers are opposed. Compared to 46 percent of parents, 76 percent of teachers are also concerned about kids falling behind in their studies. A majority of both sides agree on combining online and in-person classes, which would see kids in school two or three days a week. Eight out of ten teachers plan to wear masks in school, but even more say enforcing social distancing will be a challenge.