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8 Foods You Should Stock up on in the Winter

8 Foods You Should Stock up on in the Winter Whether you’re preparing for an impending snowstorm or trying to educate yourself just in case, there are a number of essential items you should have stocked in your pantry. Here are the eight best foods to buy in preparation for winter. 1. Cold weather can lead to frozen pipes, which means bottled water is essential. 2. Because of its long shelf life, peanut butter is the perfect protein-packed snack. 3. If your power goes down, canned soup can be a handy meal, as it technically doesn’t need to be cooked. 4. Carb-filled and perfectly paired with peanut butter, bread is an affordable and filling option. 5. With a variety of different types available, crackers are cheap and perfect for munching. 6. Not only is canned tuna packed full of proteins, it can also be safely eaten without being cooked. 7. Honey tastes great on almost everything and has an incredibly long shelf life. 8. Grab your favorite granola and protein bars. These long-lasting snacks are packed with fiber and protein.