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Big 10 to Reportedly Cancel College Football Season Over COVID-19

Big 10 to Reportedly Cancel College Football Season Over COVID-19. According to sports personality Dan Patrick, sources claim league presidents voted 12-2 in favor of the move. Only Iowa and Nebraska supported playing in the fall. Patrick adds that sources say the Pac-12 will follow suit this week, and the Big 12 and ACC are also considering cancelations. DP was told an hour ago that the Big 10 and Pac 12 will cancel their football seasons tomorrow... The ACC and the Big 12 are on the fence.. And the SEC is trying to get teams to join them for a season. , @dpshow, via Twitter. Some college football players, including Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence, have expressed disagreement with the idea. The hashtag #WeWantToPlay began circulating on social media over the weekend. Players from teams in the Power Five conferences also revealed a list of demands. They include mandated health and safety procedures and protocols to protect athletes against COVID-19. The demands also allow players to opt-out if they so choose and the creation of a "College Football Players Association."