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Hilary Duff Calls Out 'Karens' for Not Wearing Face Masks 

Hilary Duff Calls Out 'Karens' for Not Wearing Face Masks ‘Lizzie McGuire’ alum Hilary Duff took to Instagram to express her frustration over people’s disregard for social distancing. Duff said she was out on a drive with her family when she saw a “raging house party” filled with non-mask wearing attendees. A “steaming” Duff called the partygoers “a-------” and then reflected on the “bad shape” that California is currently in due to COVID-19. Hilary Duff, via Instagram She then spoke about the “embarrassing” way Americans are handling the pandemic. Hilary Duff, via Instagram Last week, the United States set a record for the highest amount of COVID-19 cases reported in a single day. Unfortunately, people were seen packing beaches and bars and ignoring social distancing this weekend, despite the ever-present danger.