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Jay-Z Launches New Cannabis Brand

Jay Z Launches New Cannabis Brand. Jay-Z has officially announced the launch of his new cannabis brand, Monogram. In a press release, Monogram is described as seeking to “redefine what cannabis means.” . The brand’s website says Monogram marks a “new chapter” in cannabis. Defined by dignity, care and consistency. It is a collective effort to bring you the best, and a humble pursuit to discover what the best truly means. Progress is endless, Monogram, via statement . The website also describes Monogram’s creation process, boasting of “expert growers” who give every plant “personalized attention.” . Our batch-by-batch approach and unique potency designation allow us to highlight the nuances in between harvests and tell you the story of every flower, Monogram, via statement . The brand, Monogram, is Jay-Z's first product collaboration since he became the chief brand strategist of Caliva last year. At the time, he said he chose to partner with the Northern California-based dispensary because they were “the best partner for [his] endeavor.”