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Most Americans Sympathize With Current Protests, Poll Finds

Most Americans Sympathize With Current Protests, Poll Finds Just over 1,000 people participated in a recent online survey from Reuters/Ipsos. Results show that 64 percent have sympathy for protesters, while 27 percent do not. More than half of those in rural areas, where most protests have not taken place, say they support the demonstrations. The poll was also bad news for President Trump, with over 55 percent saying he is not doing a good job responding to the unrest. Just 67 percent of Republicans approve of Trump's actions. 47 percent of voters are leaning towards supporting Joe Biden in November. The poll adds that Americans are divided on how authorities have handled the situations. 47 percent do not think police have been effective, while 43 percent say they have. Daytime demonstrations have mostly had no conflict, but several violent encounters have arisen at night. Most Democrats and Republicans condemn looting, saying it hurts the message non-violent protesters are trying to send. The majority of both parties are also in favor of peaceful demonstrations.