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Safety Tips for When You Return to the Gym

Safety Tips for When You Return to the Gym Boston University epidemiologist Ellie Murray says there is a "spectrum of risk" as businesses reopen. According to Murray, the biggest risk at the gym comes from indoor small group exercise classes. A report from 'Business Insider' says over 112 COVID-19 cases in South Korea came from one fitness workshop. For any class, Murray says people should have up to 12 feet of space between each other. You will want to clean equipment before using it, so make sure you have access to hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. Try to cut down time spent in a gym's locker room, showers, sauna and bathroom. Your best bet is to arrive in your workout gear and use your shower at home afterwards. Ellie Murray, via Lifehacker Work out outside as much as possible, as open spaces are less of a threat than confined spaces. Be sure to still carry sanitizer and wipes with you when handling outdoor equipment, such as a pull-up bar.