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Trump and Biden Face Off in Final Debate

Trump and Biden Face Off in, Final Debate. President Donald Trump. and Democratic presidential candidate , Joe Biden. met in Nashville for the debate, , moderated by Kristen Welker of NBC News. The debate marked the first face off between the two candidates since Trump's hospitalization for COVID-19. . The tone of the debate was a stark departure from the first debate, which was marked by constant interruptions. The coronavirus pandemic , dominated the first 20 minutes. Trump defended the actions of his administration. Biden criticized Trump's response, citing a death toll in America that has exceeded 220,000 people. Trump accused Biden of taking foreign money. , Biden responded by referencing recent revelations about Trump's tax returns. Biden also cited reports that Trump has a bank account in China that has been kept secret throughout his presidency. China was a significant topic , in the early part of the debate. Trump claimed that money from China has recently subsidized farmers hurt by the U.S. / China trade war. Biden stated the subsidies were paid for by taxpayers. In regards to immigration, Trump laid the blame for his administration's policy of child separation at the border on the Obama administration. The candidates were asked about , race in America. Trump claimed that he was , "the least racist person in this room.". Biden said that Trump "has a dog whistle about as big as a foghorn.". When asked how they would address voters that did not vote for them during their potential inaugural address, . Trump stated his message would be , "we are on the road to success. Biden closed with the message that , "what is on the ballot this year is the character of this country."