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Welcome To Cold And Flu Season! Here's How To Get Through One

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The CDC says there are millions of cases of the common cold that affect both adults and children in the US each year. Adults come down with roughly two or three colds annually and while they tend to last around a week, there's no cure. But according to Business Insider, there are ways to make yourself more comfortable as your immune system fights off the virus. Dr. Aimee Desrosiers is an infectious disease expert. She says the number one immune-system booster is rest, plain and simple. After that, stay hydrated with plenty of hot or cold water, tea, and broth. Run a humidifier to ease a sore throat and loosen up chest congestion. Finally, use throat spray for a sore throat, decongestant to ease breathing through your nose, and OTC pain relievers for head and body aches. Night night!